Clubs and Activities

McRoberts has many active clubs.  Membership is open to all students who are interested in participating.  Students are encouraged to get involved and participate in these activities that take place before and after school and during lunch.

Each year some or all of the following clubs are active:

Amnesty International
Animal Rescue Club
Art Club
Book Club
Catering Club
Chess Club

Cubing Club
Dance Team
Debate Club
Digital Media & Technology
Drama Club
Economics Club
Engineering Club
First Responders

Green Team
Grad Committee
Japanese Culture
Library Club
Math Club
McRoberts in Action
ME to WE

Model UN Club
Multicultural Club
Public Art Project
Reach for the Top
School Magazine
Social Justice

Student Council
Unity Club
Woodwork Club

Writing Club
Yarn Craft Club
Yoga Wellness

A "Clubs Day" takes place in September so that students can learn more about particular clubs.  Most clubs begin their activities in September so students should listen for announcements regarding meetings and events.