Clubs 2017 - 2018

Please note:  We are currently in the process of updating this page.  Many of our clubs are in the process of editing write ups prior to publication.   Please check back to see new clubs as they are finalized.


Animal Rescue Club

Student Contact(s): Caroline T., Jasmine C.

Staff Sponsor: Mrs. S. Sundell
Meetings: First and Third and sometimes Fifth Friday of each month at lunch in Room 103

The McRoberts Animal Rescue Club promotes animal welfare by fundraising for animals who are in need, inviting speakers to present to the club, and volunteering at local shelters. Everybody is welcome to join at any time of the year!


McRoberts Art Club

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Miller

Student Contact(s): Vicky Luo, Nawal Mustapha

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch and Wednesdays after school, in Room 125

Welcome to the McRoberts Art Club! This is a club for anyone interested in creating arts while gaining service hours at the same time. No previous art experience is needed, just show up and show your passion! The McRoberts Art Club take on many projects for the school, such as decorating the haunted house and making murals and window paintings, as well as personal projects such as button making and so much more. New members are always welcome!


Book Club

Student Contact(s): Katie C.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Stashuk

Meetings: Every other Monday of each month at lunch in Library Seminar Room

The Book Club is a gathering of readers, from those who have their noses buried in a book every day to people who want to read more.  We will be reading novels, classics, and even graphic novels.  We will cover a wide variety of genres throughout the year, such as romance, mystery, and science-fiction. Whether you are an avid reader or reluctant to read, the Book Club is open to everyone who wants to join.


Catering Club

Student Contact(s): Anna L, Rebecca M. Hiram L. Sophia H.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Tsang

Meetings: tba

Calling all food-enthusiasts, if you love food then this is the club for you! Catering club consists of a group of students including both beginners and experts interested in providing food services to school events throughout the year! By joining catering club, students can improve their communication skills, expand their knowledge of various food-related subjects such as nutritional facts and values and food preparation skills. Grab your aprons and join catering club today!


Cubing Club

Staff Sponsor: Mr. S. Looney
Student Contact(s): Kelvin C., Bowie G., Roland Z.

Meetings:Every Tuesday at lunch in Room 120

Ever seen someone solve a Rubik's cube or any other weird twisty puzzle and thought: "Wow, I wish I could solve one"?  This is the club for you!  Whether you're just learning how to solve a Rubik's cube, or you're looking to beat a personal best, cubing club welcomes all members.


Drama Club

Student Contact(s): Caroline T.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Wilson
Meetings: tba

The McRoberts Drama Club is a place for all; whether you have dreams of being in the spotlight or working behind the scenes, we have a place for you! With multiple big events throughout the year such as but not limited to: One Acts, Haunted House, Sketch Theater, and our big Spring Production. We need plenty of hands on stage and off! 


Games Club

Tuesday @ Lunch starting January

Room 224 (Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Rutherford)

Executives: Nicole Vavrukh (President), JasXe Gallop (VP), Carmen Judge (Social Media), and Munira Yassin (Spokesperson). 

Games of all genres, a cool group of kids,  what more could you want?  Come join the games club, bring your own ideas, devices and more! All grades and game lovers welcome.


Genesis Club

Student Contact(s):      Ashleigh K., Abigail B., Jessica W.

Staff Sponsor:             Ms. Sundell
Meetings:                 Every Wednesday at lunch in Room 105

Genesis club a Christian faith-based club which explores life through student-led discussions, guest speakers and watching video series in our weekly meetings. We also help those in need not only in our community but around the world with group volunteering and school-wide projects. Everyone is welcome to come join us in room 105 every Wednesday at lunch. See you there!


Green Team

Student Contact(s): Kaylan W.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Stone-Charlton

Meetings: Second Monday of every month. Room tba

If you are interested in helping to sustain our environment, make sure to join us! We will be having DIY soap workshops, shoreline cleanups and at the end of the year, we will plant a tree!


First Responders

Student Contact(s): Kelvin C.

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Stone-Charlton and Ms. S. Priest

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at lunch in the Library Seminar Room

All First Responders have an interest in health care and have completed the Red Cross First Responder with CPR "Health Care Professional" course.  The First Responders have taken the role of providing first aid to students in the school.  Students with an interest in the health sciences are encouraged to come to a meeting to learn more about this program and to help volunteer in the community.


Math Club

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Hamm

Student Contacts: Marco Y, Bowie G, Kevin P

Meetings: To be decided

Attention all math lovers, Math Club is now here! We will be doing fun puzzles and participate in math contests throughout the year. Even if math isn't your strongest subject, don't worry. We welcome everyone interested in mathematics. For those who need help with math, we will also be hosting tutoring sessions for different grade levels.


School Magazine Club

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Stashuk
Student Contact(s): Katie C.
Meetings: First Friday of each month at lunch in Library Seminar Room

The school magazine is created by the students and for the students. The members of the School Magazine publish "the Javelin" on a regular basis. We write articles, take pictures, create art, report news, and lots more. No previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!


The Social Justice Club

Student Contact(s): Sarah W. , Brenda Z. , Kaylan W.

Staff Sponsor: Ms Da Costa, Ms Groumoutis

Meetings: TBA

The Social Justices Club is a group of passionate individual who aim to improve our world and local community through social awareness events (such as Halloween for Hunger, Anti-Bully Week, Vow of Silence), fundraisers (rose and t-shirt sales) for charities and group volunteering projects ( Windows of Hope, soup kitchen).


The TINSMORE* Coin Club

Student Contacts: John Y, Matthew W, Ling JW, Michael M

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Malchy

This club is where people can collect and/or exchange coins/bills from other countries and territories together. There will be rules and agreements because we are dealing with objects with actual monetary value. We want people to explore different views of other countries and territories, and also improve on their social studies skills(Geography,  History, etc.)


Ukulele Club

Student Contact(s): Chelsea W, Emma H

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Schmidt

Meetings: Every other Thursday at lunch in room 102

The Ukulele Club is a group of students that have come together to improve their ukulele skills. Whether you have been playing for years, or never even touched a ukulele before, everyone is welcome. Come on out to learn new songs from diverse genres of music and make new friends. Please try to bring your own ukulele to the meetings, but don’t worry if you don’t have one.  


Volunteering Club

Student Contact: Brenda Z, Daisy Y

Staff Sponsor: Mrs. Mui

Meetings: First and Third Tuesday of each month at lunch in room 216


The Volunteering club encourages students to help the community by volunteering and engaging in other interesting events available to students. As there is a wide range of volunteering opportunities available, we strive to influence students to volunteer in their own areas of interest and have fun in the process! We are not only limited to the community; in  the school, we plan to hold fundraisers and make donations towards an organization. If you are interested please contact one of the student sponsors or club members. Everyone is welcome to join at anytime!



McRoberts Writing Club

Staff Sponsor: Mr. McBurney

Student Contact(s): Vicky Luo, Angela Zhao, Katherine Jin

Meetings: Fridays at Room 206

Hey Strikers, do you like to write or tell stories? Join the McRoberts Writing Club! With activities ranging from annual contests to learning about what creative writing really is, the McRoberts Writing Club is a place for you to share all the stories you have in your head. You don’t need writing experience, simply be interested in writing, new members are welcome at any point in the year!