Update - Student Transfers

A message from the Superintendent of Schools

We are pleased to advise that the Richmond School District is now able to approve transfer requests for certain categories of transfers, for certain specific schools.  Once these transfers have been processed, the District will be reviewing all remaining transfer requests to determine how to proceed regarding those requests.  The determination of all transfer requests will include consideration of the reasons for the transfer request, the enrolment of the catchment school, and the staffing and physical space limitations of the requested in-transfer school.

Where a transfer request has now been approved, families will be advised imminently.   Families will be required to confirm acceptance of the transfer by April 13, 2017.

Please read the District Website for any further updates on the situation.  We understand that families are very anxious to have settling school decisions for their children and we thank you for your patience while this very critical work is completed.

Respectfully yours,

Sherry Elwood, Superintendent