Rugby Tour to Ireland and the UK

Sorry for any confusion, this post has now been corrected and updated with the correct meeting date.


Parents interested in the 2020 rugby tour are invited to attend the informational meeting on Thursday, November 23rd at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. This meeting is primarily intended to provided information to those parents who were unable to attend in June. Any parent interested in assisting in our fundraising initiatives are also invited to attend as we will be looking for volunteers to help organize these activities.


The McRoberts Rugby coaching staff would like to extend an invitation to your son to participate in the 2020 Senior Rugby Tour to Ireland and the UK.


Every year, numerous secondary school rugby teams from across the province travel abroad on organized tours.  Overseas tours are, in fact, an integral part of successful high school rugby programs providing benefits in skill development and long-term program growth.  Beyond these benefits, rugby tours offer the students a unique educational opportunity to learn about different cultures and facilitate long lasting friendships; experiences that go far beyond the game itself.

The 2020 trip has been tentatively scheduled to commence just prior to, and include all of Spring break of that year, minimizing the time away from school.  As was the case with all our previous tours, this following group will be billeted by host families in four different towns and will play a game in each venue.  We do not anticipate the cost of this trip to exceed $3200 and would include return airfare, airport taxes, complete tour attire with kit bag, ground transportation to and from all venues and sightseeing.  A final cost will be communicated as soon as we can obtain accurate ticket pricing from the airlines.

Central to the success of this tour is the organizing that must be started well in advance. Of equal importance is the need to minimize the cost to all participants.  To that end, we wish to engage potential participates starting in their grade 9 and 10 year in order to provide ample opportunity to participate in and maximize the benefits of fundraising opportunities. We would also welcome you, the parents, with your energy, ideas and enthusiasm to participate in the fundraising activities.


Should you at any time have any specific questions please feel free to contact Mr. Clemente at the school.


Thank you for supporting McRoberts Rugby.


Attached please find some information about the Rugby Tour.