Strikers Weekly - Week of December 10, 2017


Two more weeks of classes until a well deserved break (though I know nobody is counting). 

Report Cards for Term One will be going home on Friday December 15th.  This will be an opportunity to see how your son/daughter is doing currently.  Please take some time to read the comments and look at the work habits.  These will be a strong indicator of how things are going to date.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the school.




A special thanks to the Mr. Carter, Ms. Dray, and all of the many students involved in the Winter Music Concert.  This was a truly amazing night of music.  From the Concert Bands, various Choral groups, and the Jazz Band... all were truly amazing.  It was a night that people were sad when it came to an end.  Thanks as well to Sarah W. for her wonderful photos.







Congratulations RCMP Youth Squad Graduates

Flanked by our School Liaison Officer Constable Walker, three of our McRoberts Students were recognized as recent Graduates of the RCMP Youth Squad.  Weekly meetings and a hands-on training helped guide the students through many aspects of law enforcement and the roles and responsibilities of being a member of the police.



Wood Workers


Turning raw lumber into finished products is a skill that is learned and refined.  Students in Mr. Mung's Woodworking class hard at work designing, producing, and finishing their work.


Ignite the Warmth: STUCO Blanket Drive

Working with the Ignite the Warmth Project, STUCO will be collecting blankets for distribution for those in need.  If you have a new or used blankets, please send it with your students for inclusion in this project.  



Pads for Grads - Preparation for Distribution


After sorting through the generous contributions, the Grad Legacy Group is finishing the packaging of the small care packages getting ready for distribution. The current plan is to distribute packages this weekend.


Winter Season of Play is Now Underway

Though the fall Season of Play only finished the previous weekend with our Senior Girls Volleyball Team playing in the Provincial Championships, already games are underway for the Winter Season.  Schedules will soon be published on the school website.  Once up, please check it out and come out and support the student athletes!  Both our Senior Girls and Senior Boys (above) have begun to play this year.  Come out and show your school pride.


A Reminder - Grad Committee: Breakfast with Santa (Repeat) 

Tickets are still on sale.

From the Grrad Committee:

Grad committee is back with our yearly Breakfast with Santa event! Come out on December 22nd at 7 am to enjoy a full mouth watering breakfast with your friends, Santa, and Ms. Claus Tickets are being sold from Dec. 1st to Dec 15th in the foyer during lunch; they are $8 for students.  The first 50 who purchase a ticket will be entered into an early bird raffle with great prizes!  There’ll be festive music and joy in the air with chances to take photos with a jolly Old St. Nick and Ms. Claus, so bring your friends and holiday spirit. We hope to see you there!


Curriculum Overview Part Six (of Six)

Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge

British Columbia has long had the goal of improving school success for all Aboriginal students. Achieving this goal will require that the voice of Aboriginal people be heard in all aspects of the education system; the presence of Aboriginal languages, cultures, and histories be increased in provincial curricula; and leadership and informed practice be provided.

At the same time, Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge are a part of the historical and contemporary foundation of British Columbia and Canada. British Columbia’s education transformation therefore incorporates the Aboriginal voice and perspective by having Aboriginal expertise at all levels, ensuring that Aboriginal content is a part of the learning journey for all students, and ensuring that the best information guides the work. An important goal in integrating Aboriginal perspectives into curricula is to ensure that all learners have opportunities to understand and respect their own cultural heritage as well as that of others.

Over the past decade, British Columbia’s curriculum has integrated Aboriginal content into specific courses. The redesigned curriculum builds on what has been learned and extends Aboriginal perspectives into the entire learning journey, rather than into specific courses or grade levels. This means that from Kindergarten to graduation, students will experience Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge as part of what they are learning. And because Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge are embedded in the curriculum, they will naturally influence the ways in which students will be assessed.

The First Peoples Principles of Learning provided a crucial lens for teacher teams when drafting curricula, and all curriculum teams included Aboriginal representation. The teams put great effort into embedding Aboriginal knowledge and worldviews in curriculum in authentic and meaningful ways. Curriculum material was reviewed by Ministry staff as well as by Aboriginal teachers and other experts.

References to Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge are both explicit and implicit in the redesigned curriculum and are evident in the rationale statements, goals, learning standards, and some of the elaborations. Rich instructional samples to inspire teaching and learning will be collected and shared online to provide examples of relevant teaching units and place-based learning. In all of the areas of learning, teachers are encouraged to teach in ways that respect the place in which the students are — to teach from within the school and its surrounding community.





From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

Week of December 11 - 15, 2017


  Dec 12 SFU Applied Science Student Lunch Info Session Library Computer Lab


  Dec 15   Burger King Scholarship deadline

                  Schullich Leader In-School deadline

                  University of Calgary Awards deadline

                  Emily Carr Summer Institute for Teens Early Registration deadline



  For details and latest information, see the Career Centre District Website