Creative Writing Volume Four: The Perfect Cookie









Part four of four of just some of the amazing writing from our Creative Writing Class.  Thanks to the students for sharing their work and thanks to Ms. McKenna for helping guide the students in their written word.



The Perfect Cookie

by Nicole V.


It wasn’t anything special. I had just wanted a cookie—really, really badly. A soft one, one that melted in my mouth as I bit in, with the chocolate chips almost exploding in my mouth. It was an impossible dream, so I had asked the impossible.


“Say that… again?” The Devil asked, perplexed. “You will sell me your soul for the perfect cookie?”


”Yep! Y’know,” I hung my hand over his shoulder, “the most delicious thing ever!”


He grinned “Why not?” And suddenly I was handed a parchment, the words written with blood, slowly crawling down the page. “Sign here please.” He said, handing me a feather, perfectly white and pristine. Funny.


I scanned it over, and happy with the agreement, I quickly signed. The blood glowed and dissolved into the page. The feather I had been holding had transformed. It was now a cookie.


I took a bite. It was the perfect cookie.


“Alright, pay up,” The Devil crossed his arms, annoyed at my pleased humming.


“Okie dokie!” I took off my shoe, ripping a section of it out and tossing it to him. He grabbed it, bemused.


“One sole, for my buddy, the Devil.” I said, crumbs falling out of my full mouth


“This is not what was agreed upon.” He growled in response.


“Yes it was. One sole, S-O-L-E.” I turned the contract towards him.


His eyes widened. I turned on my heel.


“It was a pleasure doing business with you, Devil.” I called over my shoulder, still chewing on my perfect cookie.