Strikers Weekly - Week of December 17, 2017










One week, (a special week of the year), before a well deserved break.  With all that is going on in the school this week, just a gentle reminder to remain focussed.  The holiday will be here soon enough.



After successfully collecting thousands of individual items, packaging them into hundreds of care packs, members of the Grad Legacy Group took to the streets of the Downtown Eastside passing on their packages.






STUCO Spirit Week

Last chance to show your school spirit before the holiday break.  Check you closet, see if you can find something for every special day of this week.


Design Team for our New Sign


Though we have many to thank for our new sign, the hard work by our Maintenance Department (electrical, structural, lighting, and paint team) and our custodian, Mr. Howells, whose research found us the company saving us (and other schools) thousands of dollars over the competetors, we also want to acknowledge our sign design team (above) who came up with separate artistic renderings, refined these into a collaborative effort, made modifications, and finalized their design.  The sign will stand long beyond these students time at our school.  Their legacy, however, will remain.



Sharing time with special friends from our local elementary school's kindegarden class was fun for all involved.  Not only did some of our students share stories, there was an opportunity to sing and even dance as well.  A special thanks to all the students (big and not so big) that joined us here in this holiday spirit.  Thanks to Flora C. for the photos.


Gingerbread Magic

As we approach the holiday season, it would not be the same without a few of our student designed gingerbread creations.  



Senior's Luncheon

Organized by Mr. Milholm, his Human Services Students, and with help from Ms. Naidu and Ms. Audet, the Senior's Luncheon was a huge success.  Over 100 of our community's seniors came to share in the food, festivities, and wonderful entertainment from our school's music and choral programs.  Hopefully our guests enjoyed their time here as much as we enjoyed having them.




From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)


Week of December 18 - 22, 2017


  Dec 22          French for the Future Essay Contest deadline


  For details and latest information, see the Career Centre District Website