Strikers Weekly - Week of February 25, 2018











The last week of February... the pace is clearly picking up.  Saying that, only three weeks until Spring Break. 





McRoberts Kindness Week (and Day) preparations are underway for next week.  A special thanks to all the students who have given so much of their time with Ms. Charlton to make this event possible.




Professional Learning at McRoberts


Taking care of self, taking care of others.  Our staff during our Professional Development Day spent time looking at ways in which to support the Core Competencies, ways in which to promote postive habits, and spent some time learning some brain research about the adolescent minds.  It was a powerful day of learning for us all.



Personal Narratives - In a Personal Way



Students in Ms. Martin's class had an opportunity to share a personal narrative in some smaller groups.  Not only did they have an opportunity to share on smaller stage, they had a small group who were also able to provide feedback.  The simplicity of having multiple groups presenting at the same time created some background sounds which appeared to make it easier for student presenters to share.



More on the Grad Numeracy Assessment


The Ministry of Education has eliminated Provincial Exams in English 10, Math 10, Science 10, Social Studies 11 and, after 2019, English 12. There are two new provincial assessments that all students will be required to write – the GRADUATION NUMERACY ASSESSMENT (GNA) and the GRADUATION LITERACY ASSESSEMENT (GLA).  McRoberts Students in Grade 11 will write the GNA exam this June 2018.  This will be explained to all of our Grades 11 students at grade assemblies in the near future.

The new Numeracy Assessment is not a typical “math test.” It will include 24 common questions and a student choice section (answer 2 of 4). The questions will be context placed problems that students will read, think about and then write a solution. The GNA measures 5 numeracy processes, including students’ abilities to INTERPRET, APPLY, SOLVE, ANALYZE and COMMUNICATE solutions. The GNA be not be attached to any course, but reported separately on each student’s official Transcript using a 4-point scale – 1. Emerging 2. Developing 3. Proficient 4. Extending  Students can score a 0 for not attempting to answer questions and must score at least 1 to graduate. Students will be allowed to rewrite the GNA two times over their high school years (3 total attempts). Students can “practice” the exam online now.



REAP Program (for people interested in becoming an Educational Assistant) is open for Registration



The Richmond School District’s Continuing Education department offers a highly regarded and specialized education and training program for people interested in becoming an Educational Assistant or EA. EAs work directly in our schools and classrooms, supporting students with physical, behavioural, sensory and learning needs. The program is known as REAP and registrations are now open for the fall start-up. Find out more at: or by phoning 604-668-6123.



A Message From the Superintendent of Schools



Recently, we received a memo from Scott MacDonald, Deputy Minister/Ministry of Education advising the following:

In response to requests from our education partners and in order to continue to support curriculum implementation, the Minister has made changes to the School Calendar Regulation that will be in effect for the 2018/19 school year.

The hours of instruction for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years were reduced in 2016 by 5 hours to the following:

  • 848 hours for students in Kindergarten
  • 873 hours for students in Grades 1-7
  • 947 hours for students in Grades 8-12

This reduction of instructional hours is extended to the 2018/19 school year.

Thus, in 2018/19, the School District will be scheduling one more Non-Instructional Day (Curriculum Implementation Day) for teachers to participate in discussions and activities that develop evidencebased approaches to curriculum implementation. In addition, we will amend our 2018/19 School  Calendar to reflect this continued reduction in instructional time and will provide a copy of this amended School Calendar to the Ministry by the end of March 2018.

The District School Calendar Committee, comprised of Stakeholder Representatives of staff and parents, has been meeting to determine the dates of this new Non-Instructional (CI) Day plus the other traditional six Non-Instructional Days and will have proposed dates for schools and parents later this Spring.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sherry Elwood

Superintendent of Schools




Benches - Update (Week 2)

Just a quick visual update of the bench art that is taking place around our school.  Bench one, well underway.  Bench two, just beginning.



When Reality Creates Opportunities

Teacher stuck in the snow, no worries.  Senior students to the rescue.  Though on a Study block, students were quick to offer their help in leading one of our Junior Drama classes in a warm up until one of our staff was able to navigate past an accident to join his class.  




From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)



Week of February 26 – March 2, 2018


   Feb 28    SFU Application Deadline    

              University of Victoria Application Deadline

   Mar 01    University of King’s College Scholarships

   Mar 02    Stacey Levitt Memorial Award



   Feb 25   Study and Go Abroad Fair Spring 2018 Vancouver

   Feb 28   BCIT BIG Open House Information Event 

   Mar 01   Explore Capilano University Information Night

             Douglas College Music Technology Open House

   Mar 03   UBC Engineering Outreach: Engineering Explorations 8