Strikers Weekly - Week of March 11, 2018












Last week before Spring Break.  Though it is easy to look ahead at the well deserved break, please remain focused on the week ahead.




Notorious was an amazing success.  Not only did the McRoberts Teams all excel, but the wonderful night of dance was full of energy, spirit, and good times.  A special thanks to Ms. Naidu for all of the time, sweat, and work that went into making such a wonderful night.  Thanks also to the Yearbook students for once again providing the photos.





Spring Forward

Just a reminder that March 11 is the the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.  Clocks are forwarded by one hour.



Jazz Night at the Gateway

Monday Night, McRoberts Jazz Band and Jazz Combo participated in a District Wide Jazz Night at the Gateway Theatre.  Though it was not a competition, from this perhaps biased eye, the McRoberts performers stole the show.  Congratulations to Mr. Carter and all the amazing McRoberts Musicians.



Grade 7 Feeder School Tournament

Over the past week, we were fortunate to host many of our future students at our annual Feeder School Basketball Tournament.  Along with some healthy competition, our hope is that some of our future students had an opportunity to get to know our school just a little bit better.  Welcome Grads of 2023.



Genius Hour Interviews

Students in Mme Mainville's class had a unique opportunity to share their Genius Hour Inquiry Projects with members of the community and also had the opportunity to practice their French.  In a "low stress opportunity" (not according to the students before), Mme Mainville brought in a variety of French Speaking community members (including her husband) to conduct these one-on-one interviews in French.



First Bench is Complete... Almost

With the exception of a coat of clear finish, the first of hopefully 8 benches has now been completed.  Adding a bit of colour to our hallways and a showcasing the amazing talent and creativity of our students, our hope is that by the end of this year, all benches will be functional pieces of art in our school.  Thanks to Sarah T. for her work on Bench No. 1.  



Moe at TEDx 2018





One of our students, was invited to give a TED Talk Presentation at the TED Talk Vancouver College Event this week.  With her permission, here is a video of her talk.  Thanks to Anna for providing the video.






From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)


Week of March 12 - 16, 2018


   March 12     Remax Quest for Excellence Bursary

                      Richmond Community Foundations Scholarships for Richmond Students    

                      TRIUMF YES! Fellowship In-school deadline


   March 15   Richmond Youth Arts Awards   

                      UBC deadline for ELAS (IELTS/TOEFL)                   

   March 17     The Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarships



   March 15   KPU Faculty of Health Information Session  


   March 17   University of Ottawa Spring Open House 




  For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly