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It may be a good week if you like to eat... and support some of the amazing things going on here at McRoberts: he Girl's Rugby team is selling Churros and Ice Cream, the Ultimate Frisbee Team is selling donuts, and the Catering Club along with the Green Team are selling Earth Day Treats.  




Concours d'art oratoire 2018.  Congratulations to all the participants in the 2018 Concours competition hosted this week at McRoberts.  McRoberts students demonstrated amazing poise and skill as they wowed the audiences during their presentations.  A special congratulations to Keizia K (Grade 8 Immersion winner), Sophia Y. and Clara H (Grade 8 Pairs Winner), Assia Nathu (Grade 8 TED Talk winner), Faaiz W. (Grade 11 Immersion Winner), Nawal M. (Grade 11 Francophone Winner), Angela Z. (Grade 12 Late Immersion Winner), and Sarah W. (Grade 12 Early Immersion Winner.  It was a wonderful evening of students demonstrating just how skilled they have become.  Congratulations to all!




Some Grade 12 Reminders

The number of "things to do" is growing for our grade 12's as they approach the end of the year.  

  • Deadline for Grade 12 Fees is past due.  Reminders and Copies of Statements have been sent.  Please take care of these fees as soon as possible.  If you have questions, concerns, or if you feel that there are any discrepancies, please come by.  Also, if there are some reasons that fees are not yet paid, please also feel free to see Mr. Kamide
  • GT Interviews - April 18 and 19.
  • Gown Size and Valedictory Write Up - Due April 27.
  • Forms now availble in the office for Boat Cruise Guest Request
  • Forms also now available in the office for Class Valedictorian, Class Historian, and Class Poet (applications).



Supporting your Teen with the Challenges of Social Media - Parent Presentation April 26th at McRoberts

You are cordially invited to join the school administrative team and Cst. Tammy Walker, our school liaison officer, for an informative presentation on teens and social media use. Social media is an integral element of teenage and high school life but what are the limitations, risks, challenges, and realities of its use? Your sons and daughters live in a digital world, connected to their social networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Join us for a thought provoking information session where we some basics of social media use, parent tips, issues like cyber-bullying and sexting. The presentation will be held in the school library on April 26th at 7pm.



Engaging Our Youth in Financial Literacy FINALE EVENT!

On Wednesday, April 18th, thousands of schools and students across the country will be participating in TWOKAM/Talk With Our Kids about Money Day.  To celebrate, the Richmond School District and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education [CFEE] will be hosting a finale event to celebrate TWOKAM Day.  We have invited Paul Lermitte, author of three Financial Literacy Books for youth [], to share valuable life lessons from his experiences in working with families and their financial matters.  

Join us to Celebrate “Talk with Our Kids About Money Day”! 


DATE:                  Wednesday April 18, 2018

TARGET AUDIENCE:     Students in Grades 6 – 12 AND their Parents

TIME:                   6:30pm - 8:00 pm 

PLACE:                 Brighouse Elementary School, 6800 Azure Road, Richmond, BC

REGISTRATION:         RSVP before 3pm Friday April 13th, 2018 at SD38 FINALE EVENT RSVP



A Visit with Mike Smith


Thanks to Josten's (our Yearbook Company), our Yearbook class was invited to hear Motivational Speakers Mike Smith and Dr. Phil Campbell.  Though it was a lot to take in and in a short period of time, the students were treated to some powerful messages about find one's path and moving in directions that are based on personal thoughts and ideas.  Below is a video which is one of many in the Harbour Series developed by Mike Smith and his team.








Another Exchange Story

Agnes is a grade 11 student from Hong Kong. When asked, here is how she described her exchange experience so far, here is what she said:


Why did you decide go on an exchange?

  • Education system in Hong Kong is so stressful. We are asked to memorize everything but not understand it
  • Stress: Students in Hong Kong apply to university base on their results on the HKDSE exam, which usually take place in April-May. Your future is determined by just one single exam, and the syllabus of this exam covers most of the content we learnt from secondary school.
  • I enjoy travelling and meeting people from different places.
  • I travelled to Canada before and I love the environment


What was the most difficult challenge?

  • Because I am not living with my parents anymore, I cannot just complain or say out when there is an issue.
  • Food (Richmond has a lot of Chinese food, but it does not have the ones I like the most)
  • Homesick (miss my family and friends)


What are some of the differences between school here and where you are from?

  • Level of stress (as I mentioned above)
  • We cannot turn on our phones at school (at home)
  • In Hong Kong, there is a mark for your conduct and the grade would also be shown on the report card. Teachers can deduct our marks based on the school rules, for example, one mark for missing homework, three marks for turning on your phone, and one mark for wearing accessories. Some students are authorized as prefects and they wander around the school and put down students’ names on their notebooks if they break the school rules.
  • Ranking (Class ranking and form ranking for average and every single subject) - Top 37 students in the form will be in the “outstanding class”
  • In Hong Kong, we stay in a classroom, and teachers come to our class; however, in Canada, teachers stay in their rooms and we go to different rooms to have class.


How about difference in lifestyle?

  • I think it depends on who you live with because my aunt likes to stay at home while my dad and mom loves to go to different places with me.
  • Actually,  I have a pretty boring life here… I only have chamber ensemble practice, volunteering at Chinese School, and tutor.
  • In Hong Kong, i learned piano, guitar, Korean, singing, and I joined the school choir and girls rugby team, girl guide, and the Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus. I also had two tutors.


What has been the best part of being an international student?

  • Being able to speak in different languages. Trilingual
  • Improve language skills, not only English but also Mandarin
  • Experience different culture (even though Chinese population in Richmond is so high...)
  • Have friends who will support you in different places
  • Be independent
  • Be adaptable




From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)


Week of April 16 - 20, 2018


   April 16     Richmond FC Soccer Scholarship

   April 20   Indo Canadian Business Assn of BC Achievement Award (ICBABC)

                   Richmond Chinese Community Scholarships - Open to All Richmond Students


   April 16   KPU Trades & Tech Program Expo-Surrey Campus   

   April 18   BCIT Trades Discovery Program Information Session

   April 22   US College Expo in Vancouver



  For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly