Strikers Weekly - Week of May 13, 2018









For all the mothers in our Striker's community, have a very special day.  For all the rest of us, make sure we all spoil them and let them know how much we appreciate all they do for us.  Happy Mother's Day!




A little welcome, a short tour, some exciting games (Milly's Olympics), followed by some not so healthy food.  This was our Grade 7 Day.  Hopefully our incoming Grade 8's learned a bit of what it will be like to be students at McRoberts, had questions answered, found a few new friends, and most importantly, began to feel connection to life at secondary school.  A special thanks to the students and staff that made this day possible.




Last Day of Classes - June 22nd

The last day of classes for this academic year will be on Friday June 22nd.  The day will run with a special timetable beginning with a homeroom for Yearbook Distribution (for those who have purchased a Yearbook and who do not have any outstanding fees).   The remainder of the morning will consist of 8 shortened blocks.  After lunch will be a special event hosted by STUCO (more information on this to come).



Richmond Finals

Congratulations to our Senior Girls Soccer Team for finishing first in their division and qualifying for the Vancouver and District Championships.



Music in our Schools

Congratulations to the members of Mr. Carter's Music Program for once again providing an amazing evening of music.  At a sold out Gateway Theatre, the concert bands along with the Jazz bands demonstrated their amazing skills.



Social Media Presentation

Constable Walker took some time out to speak to our grade eights about some of the dangers of social media.  Though the intent was not to scare students from using social media, Constable Walker wanted to make sure students use it with the care and respect necessary to ensure personal safety.  



Communicating Student Learning with e-Portfolios - Parent Evening





From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)


Week of May 14 – 18, 2018


  May 18   Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko Post-Secondary Scholarships  




  For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly