Course Changes...

Thank you for your patience as the counsellors are working hard to review and process the numerous requests for course changes.  While our hope is to accommodate every request immediately, each request requires several steps.  Sadly, most changes do not simply involve changing one class for another.  Many involve rebuilding a big portion of a student's timetable to accommodate these changes.  This does take time.


The priority early has been to deal with students who have no courses or have gaps in their schedule.  From there, counsellors will turn their full attention on students with course change requests.


While every request will be considered, it is important to note that not all changes can be done at this time.  The timetable has been finalized several months ago and the timetable was built based on the original set of student requests.  Changes in requests at this time are difficult (and at times impossible).  Compounding this, some courses are now full.  


Our sincere hope is to get this done as quickly as we can.  Teachers are aware of this process and thus are intentionally planning lessons that may not have ramifications for students not yet in their classes.


Thanks again for your understanding and patience.