Has Your Family Registered for School Cash Online?




We are strongly encourage all parents to sign up for School Cash Online.  By doing so, you will have access to all of your students' fees (including athletic fees and field trips) as well as have the ability to make purchases (workbooks, school clothing, yearbooks) and provide payment without adding any extra costs or without having to send cash or cheques to the school.  Our hope is that withing a short period of time, all of our students will be linked to this convenience.


If parents are not comfortable using the computer, the program is easy to navigate with the support of your daughters or sons.  


Below are the illustrated steps:


1.  Go to McRoberts’ website and click on "SchoolCashOnline"

This is what happens when you click on SchoolCashOnline

The next step is to click on the word “HERE

This is what appears.

This window is where your parents will be signing up to receive email notifications of school fees.




Your name is required for this section. Remember to click on “Continue” to move to the Step 2 tab.


Next window. Only boxes with *field required must be filled in


Step 3 tab

Time to setup a password.

The next step after the password is very important. The answer must be “yes” for your parents to receive email notifications of all of your fees.



A PDF of the instructions is below.