Strikers Weekly - Week of September 24, 2018









Thanks for those who had the opportunity to come out to our Meet the Teacher Night.  Our hope is that nights like this create opportunties to connect staff with parents to forge the relationship in support of all of our students.  If you did not get a chance to visit or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at the school.  The better we can communicate the more able we will be to support the students of our school.






Terry Fox Run/Walk - Thursday September 27th

A Terry Fox Run/Walk is organized annually at McRoberts to celebrate and recognize this individual’s dedication and efforts to bring awareness to this disease and raise funds for cancer research. The McRoberts community takes part by participating ›in the run/walk and collecting donations for cancer research.



Professional Development - Continuing our Learning

While students were enjoying a Friday outside of school, our staff were busy learning.  Some attended an Apple Workshop (incorporating photography and video into instructional practices), some attended workshops designed on supporting the creation of mobile learning platforms, but most attended the school session continuing our learning about supporting the emotional wellness of our students through activities designed to create skills, perseverance, and resilience.



Post Secondary Information Sessions (Students and Parents)

A special thanks to our Counselling Team for giving up so much time during this busy time of year to put together an informative presentation for Grade 12 students and their parents.  Grade 12 is a stressful year.  Knowing some of the answers to the many questions around post secondary options, application information, and scholarships will go a long way to reduce the tension students feel.  If students or parents still have more questions, please contact us.  We are happy to help.



Coming Soon....

In an attempt to provide needed skills in a simple and easy to digest format, Mme Mainville and Mr. McBurney gave a sample of the short study skills information that will soon be available via our Weekly and an archive in the information section of our website.  More to come in the near future.



Grade 12 (Grad) Major Event Information

In order to answer some of the questions before they are asked, grade 12's and grade 12 parents are encouraged to check out the above part of our website.  Found under the "Students" top tab, find Grad 2019 and finally click on the "Grad 2019: Major Grad Events."  (Or click here for the link.)





From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

Please see attached below for some information shared by Ms. Millar at the Post Secondary Information sessions.