Strikers Weekly - Week of September 30, 2018









One month is now (depending on when you read this) done.  Happy October!



A special thanks to Ms. Nicholson and her PE Leadership students for organizing this year's Terry Fox Run.  With the students' help, McRoberts raised over $1500 to support cancer research.  




October 5th is World Teacher Day

October 5th, World Teacher Day, is a day to acknowedge the work done by teachers world wide on behalf of students.  Established in the 1990's, World Teacher Day is a time for us to step back and appreciate the role teachers play in the development of our youth.  While raising our next generation is a partnership with home, school, and the world outside of school, teachers do play a pivotal role.  



Grade Eight Camp



Some changes were made 8 camp.  The location changed.  The dates changed.  But the most important change, was the inclusion of 25 (or so) student leaders.  Students leading students made this year's experience even more special.  Hopefully those that attended had an amazing time.  A special thanks to Asha Ajula and Brianna Azevedo for putting together this video.



What is "ER" (Engaged Reading)?

At McRoberts, we believe that reading is an important life skill for all students.  In order to support this, McRoberts dedicates 120 minutes of time per week, tied to the last block of the day.  This time, which we refer to as “Engaged Reading”, is meant to support reading in general, promote literacy and allow for cross-curricular spinoffs.  The 30 minutes set aside each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is intended to support sustained reading in an area or on a topic that interests the student.  (While this has important spill-overs into curricular areas, it is not meant to be used as curricular instructional time.)  The goal is to provide a regular consistent environment that encourages students to pursue reading for pleasure.  Access to a variety of topics and authors as well as a variety of strategies is important to develop “Engaged Readers”.


Here are some general guidelines that staff will be using in supporting the “Engaged Reading” time:

  • Choice: Students choose reading material that interests them.  A preference for novels and non-fiction books is encouraged.

  • Designated: The first 30 minutes of the last block of the day on the above listed days is set aside for reading activities.  This time will end with a bell.

  • Modelled: Staff at McRoberts will model good reading practices for students.  Both teachers and administration share this role.

  • Variety: While reading is the preferred activity for this time, alternate activities that promote a culture of reading may also be appropriate.  (See “Strategies” suggested below.)

  • Uninterrupted: In order to allow for sustained time for reading, please address students arriving late to school after the end of lunch promptly.  If lates continue after speaking with the student and contacting parents, please inform the Administration so they may follow up.

  • Consistent: Student behaviour and expectations during the reading time are consistent with those established by the subject teacher for instructional time.




Clubs Day 2018

This will be the last week of classes to show your McRoberts Spirit.  Join in on the fun with the different Spirit Week themes.


Wheel Chair Basketball (for Terry)

As a fundraiser for the Terri Fox Campaign, Ms. Nicholson called in some favours and brought wheelchair basketball to our gym.  After some pointers from Hamza E., the staff took on the grads for a fun lunchtime event.



Be Clear about Possible "Grad Trips"

In the coming days or weeks, you may here about a trip for next year's grade 12 students.  It may be a ski trip in BC or a trip to warmer locations for spring break.  Unfortunately, as we have not been contacted by the organizing company, we have very little information to share.  We are writing at this time to clarify that these are not a school nor District sanctioned events. 


The trips are organized by student representatives of a company called “S-Trip or other "for profit" trips.  While we are in no position to make a comment about this or any other organization creating these trips, we simply wanted to reiterate to any parents of any of the participants that neither the school nor the Richmond School District has been involved with the planning, organization, insurance, or any subsequent liabilities.  No McRoberts staff members or District Employees will be attending or will be supervising any of the activities on this trip.






From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)