Where are they Now? Grads from 2018











Though it is only been a few months since we said goodbye to our Grads of 2018, we sent out a quick email to see where they are now.  For the past several years, these young adults (now) were a very big part of our school.  Though it was difficult to say our farewells, we knew they were off to bigger and better things.  Here is what those responded are doing now....



Anna writes: I'm at McGill University in Montreal, studying Secondary Education for Mathematics (high school teacher). The first photo is me in front of Roddick gates, the main gates of McGill University. TThe second photo is me studying on my bed at residence with the McRoberts scarf hung up along with many letters from my friends and photos with them. 



Luis writes: I completed seven weeks of full-time military training in the summer. I thought staying up late for school work was bad until I faced the 23-hour work days during my second course, and the physical and mental training were demanding. Nevertheless, here I am. I’m also studying in the Bachelor of Science program at UNBC, where I make dangerous brews and explore the life sciences in the lab weekly. Still impatient for medical school, but I’ll get there one day.




Roland, Christine, and Jennifer write from the University of Toronto: Trying to make new friends. Trying to adapt to this new big city. Trying to wake up for a 9am lecture.     (Love the McRoberts Gear!)



Queenie writes: I’m currently taking a year off because I somehow ended up doing a full time accounting job but also still working at Toys R Us!


Flora writes: In between cramming for my biology chemistry, and physics midterms, I competed in The Day of the Longboat, alongside some new friends I met at UBC! We placed 2nd in our heat, woohoo!!! #GoSeaduction2



Sarah writes: Choosing McGill was the best decision I made in my senior year. This past month has been filled with personal growth and achievement; I won Best Speaker at my first Faculty-wide case competition, was selected to represent my university in competitions under Case League, and led a successful campaign to take the position of Freshman Rep on the MUS (Management Undergraduate Society) Board of Directors. With everything I’ve learned from the amazing staff McRoberts, I know I will thrive in this challenging new environment.


Jessie, who is study and playing tennis in Yale, writes: University is definitely kicking my butt… yet somehow I am having the time of my life.... This is after my first collegiate level match representing Yale. We played against Boston University and I won my doubles and singles matches!! I’m pictured with my doubles partner



Rebecca writes: I am slowly working off my life’s bucket list, attending fashion school in gastown and being a designer assistant at Vancouver fashion week. 



Katie writes:I am currently studying at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and will likely be majoring in Writing Seminars. While the work is plentiful and difficult, I am glad that I chose to attend this school and believe that I will discover many new facets of myself and the world through my experiences at JHU.


Halle writes: I am currently studying Management at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus and living in residence.



Ashleigh writes: I’m currently studying Elementary Education at Trinity Western University, and loving dorm life! Besides studying (when I decide to), I’ve been filling my time hanging out with a bunch of new friends, exploring the surrounding area, and playing on the university hockey team.


Nicole writes: Where am I now? The following photo was taken in the chemistry B block on the UBC campus with my Science Oners right before our chromatography lab - definitely a fast-paced and engaging environment! 


Kevin writes: Here is a photo of my chemistry recrystallization lab to synthesize Tylenol (the crystal you see at the bottom) which is probably worth around CAD $5.00 . The other photo is me counting neutrophils in a real life blood sample.


Nicole writes: I’m really enjoying myself at Simon Fraser Univerisity, studying computing science on a full-ride academic scholarship. Currently, I am very much involved with the SFU community; not only am I in the Women in Computing Science Club, Altered Reality Club, and Game Development Club, but I’m also wearing SFU’s colours as a competitive Fencer here (épée at the moment).



Illiya currently at UBC writes: I'm lost in an obligatory vicious sea of homework and stress, but, like a humble buoy pointing to the land of calm and achievement, Mr. Kamide's e-mails bring me hope and direction.


Jessica writes: I recently joined an organisation named AIESEC at SFU and was able to go to a conference in Winnipeg! This organisation promotes youth leadership across the globe through exchanges and this conference has taught me a lot of significant professional skills.



Rainalyne writes (from Moe's dorm room at UBC): Currently, Kaitlyn, Moe and May are studying in the Bachelor of Arts. Kaitlyn is studying Music. May is studying acting and Moe is studying CAP media stream . On the other hand, I am in the Bachelor of Sciences, studying Health Sciences. In the photo, we are just celebrating Moe's birthday. We celebrated it with Spongebob party hats and baby bottles. Since she is the last one in our friend group to turn 18, we found it  suitable to say goodbye to her childhood. 



Lillian writes: I am happy, healthy, and alive.


Chantelle writes: I decided to take a semester off but I will be going to Sauder in January. I am focusing on my model/ YouTube career too so it’s been really busy for me as I also work every day. 


Benjamin writes: As you can see in the picture above, Roland, Mia, Jennifer, Christine, Kelvin, Eric, and I are studying at U of T. We're all studying different things. I know Kelvin is in engineering and Mia is in music while Roland is studying business and I'm studying computer science. Although we're in different faculties, we still maintain our McRoberts connection with one another and link up up and chill.

Kelvin writes: I'm loving it here in Toronto - although I miss the mountains and the ocean, I'm really starting to fall in love with this city.  Engineering is certainly a lot harder than I thought it would be. Engineering Science, in particular, has about 60 hours of class time on top of weekly labs and problem sets. There's so much to learn - Two physics classes, one communications class, a programming class, and two math classes means lots of work.



Isabella writes: Isabella just had her first classes at BCIT and Emily Carr the week of October 7th. Although she is already confused by Picas and Postscript Type 1 fonts, she is excited to continue learning more about communication design.


Arman writes: Cam and I still here in beautiful but boring Richmond.  We are both at Langara. Cameron is taking the engineering transfer program to ubc and I am in the sauder transfer program. 



Eric writes: I have been studying at the University of Toronto since the beginning of September. The teachers here are fantastic. However, they are dwarfed by Mr. Kamide's charm, compassion and wit. On my adventures through the city of Toronto and through the halls of academia, I have made new friends, found new coffee shops and even discovered a new sanctum sanctorum.



Susan writes: I am currently studying animal biology at University of California, Davis.  I love the animals in my school now so I have a lot of pictures of them.  Food here is amazing! It has only rained once since I came here. I’m definitely enjoying the California sunshine!


Vicky writes: I have ended up in New York City, where I am currently making my way through the Architecture Program at the Pratt Institute. Just another girl trying to find her way in the City of Dreams. 


Maya writes: 7 hour plane ride away from home, I am playing soccer and in the international business program at Georgia Gwinnett College. Playing on a team with girls from Sweden, Chile and all over the world has been incredible but of course, I miss home. :)  Best of luck to the McRoberts grads of this year, enjoy it because it goes by fast! 


Brianne writes: I’m currently training with a contemporary dance school called Modus Operandi.  It’s in downtown Vancouver and I’m training and learning from professional dancers in the industry. It has been an amazing experience so far and I am so happy.


Kaylan writes: I am currently at Western University. Residence life has been amazing and I strongly encourage others to live on campus first year.  



Selena writes: I am currently a computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo (Steven is there too studying Kinesiology). The transition from highschool to university has been stressful, but as someone who studied regularly in highschool, university has only been a little step up. Going to Waterloo has been really fun. I’ve met a lot of like-minded people and have made a lot of new friends. It’s really exciting being in an environment where everybody shares the same interests and passions, and we all struggle through the difficult material together.


Clara studying at Waterloo (as well) writes: In the first photo, I am at Waterloo’s Black and Gold day fair. The second photo is of me during engineering orientation. (Yeah, I know, the hard hat is super big on me.) Right now, I am in my dorm and worrying about midterms.


Tatiana writes: Hanging out in front of LSK, the main math building at UBC! If you look closely behind us, you can see students and their high GPA breaking up after a solid 5 weeks together. Sad but true, we all know relationships never work out in college


Minh, studying at the University of Alberta, writes: I’m enjoying the crazy weather in Edmonton!!! Missing wonderful people at Mc.Roberts (yes, snow in Edmonton already).


Kaitlyn, studying at UBC, writes: I’m currently enjoying my classes at the School of Music and have met so many talented musicians! I’ve noticed that there’s a different kind of excitement when you walk into a class to creative and likeminded people eager to learn about music and an enthusiastic prof just as eager to teach-it’s been so great!


Prior to beginning this year at UBC, Moe writes: I feel like a lot has happened since graduation, and I honestly don’t even know where to begin. A lot has happened both professionally and in my life in general, so I have attached a few photos to give you a sense of where I am now. Starting from the summer, I was hired as the Marketing Coordinator for a non-profit organization that I used to volunteer for, so that was a pretty exciting step from. I’ve been wanting to step a foot into the non-profit field and also work a marketing position to add a new set of skills, so it was very exciting for me to be able to work for an organization and cause that I cared about doing something that interested me. Since that position was remote, it worked perfectly with my summer plans of going back to Japan for a month.  I spent two weeks in the middle of the nowhere in Okayama with 30 other youths from all over the world; Romania, Syria, Afghanistan, USA, Japan etc. The mentors who led the camp were all people who recently graduated or are in grad school, and they would teach us workshops in their disciplinary and some of the projects that we did were filmmaking, creative writing, watercolour, and improv. They were mostly artsy, but within their workshops they would somehow integrate activities that would relate it to interpersonal and intrapersonal growth which helped us connect with one another and understand ourselves better. The freedom that comes with being in the middle of nowhere with bad wifi, surrounded by people who were complete strangers and having all the time to explore and create art was really refreshing after a busy year. GAKKO was really the highlight of my summer and even though it doesn’t relate entirely to where I am now, it’s definitely impacted the way I think and work today. I met and connected with a lot of people who have inspired me a lot through their work, like the vegan chef team and the queer filmmaker from Toronto. 



Daisy writes from UBC: University life is fun and stressful, good luck to everyone who’s suffering through midterms!


Steven writes: I am currently enrolled in the Honours Kinesiology program here at the University of Waterloo. Although these photos were taken at the engineering building, I am (unfortunately), certainly not an engineer. School is manageable, and I’m further awaiting my turn at a cooperative experience to put the discipline of kinesiology to practice.




Arzoo writes: It's been a crazy first month at university. But here's me and my floor mates at UBC having a de-stressing day where we had face masks and massage trains. Also, this was me before I started dying from the midterms.  I'm currently learning Chinese this year and it's SO fun!! Super content heavy but absolutely worth it.  Coming into university I was someone who needed to have an agenda with everything planned to the T but ever since being exposed to university, I've become the most spontaneous person ever.... So long story short, university life is absolutely crazy but I'm in love with it.



Caroline writes: Years ago, the UBC Rose Garden was my end goal for high school; but now it's a starting point for my university life! Being in the center of all my classes, the garden has become my study zone, lunch area, and place to connect with friends; both old and new. I'm continuing my endeavors in theater and the arts; and yes I have in fact heard the pizza/arts degree joke before.


Vince writes: And here, we see a struggling UBC engineering student in his natural habitat. It's been pretty busy with midterms and what not but I'm sure everything will turn out just fine (at least until finals).



Brenda writes: I am currently studying general Sciences at UBC. Everything is going pretty well; after the orientation program at the university, I was able to make some new friends and acquaintances that I still talk to today. I am still trying to adjust to university life, but it's manageable. I haven't been able to take many photos of myself, but I do have an autumn photo I took on school campus! The photo can have the caption "Early autumn morning before class". I also attached two other pictures that came out quite nice! 


Aygun writes: I’m studying science at UBC! Although I am stressed at times and super busy with university life, I don’t regret any of my decisions! I love walking around on campus, making new friends and enjoying all that UBC has to offer!

Annie writes: I am studying in the French Cohort (Political Science) at SFU.  Though she has to commute 1.5 hours each way, Annie is enjoying her time at SFU.


Mia writes: I am studying Music at the University of Toronto right now. The downtown campus is so beautiful, especially the night view. These days, I've been busy cramming myself into the sweaty practice rooms and studying for my theory and musical skills classes. Music school is a lot of work, but it is SO much fun. I am so happy I decided to study in this program.  I also made a couple of new friends at the faculty. They are all such talented musicians!! It's quite easy to make friends in my program since there are only around 150 first years, so by now everyone already knows each other.  But in the end, I would be lying if I said I wasn't homesick. I miss Vancouver a lot. I miss the WATER so much. I never realized how good Vancouver water tasted until I drank the water in Toronto. I miss the food the most, and of course my parents.


Sydney writes: I am currently working at bath and body works and getting ready for my trip to London in November and to move to Kelowna and hopefully attend UBCO to upgrade my English next year.


Agnes writes: I am currently studying food, nutrition, and health in UBC. Taking so many courses makes me super busy and stressed, but I still enjoy meeting new people and this beautiful fall weather!