Last Chance to Buy McRoberts Gear






Didn't get what you want at the school store?  Though Monday was the last day for in person sales, the online store will remain open until Friday November 2nd.  This will be your last chance for the year to purchase McRoberts Gear.  




To purchase, go to the School Cash Online Site, click the "Spirit Wear" link, and make your selections or click on this DIRECT LINK.  We will check this week to determine if we have your items in stock.  If not, we will be placing an order this Friday (November 2nd).  Our likely turnaround time will be 7-10 days.

Please note, we also have a few items not listed on the online site.  These can be purchased in the office.  We have McRoberts Knit Scarves ($5.00), McRoberts Sweat Pants ($20), and other random items left over from last year's sale.