Strikers Weekly - Week of February 4, 2019











Congratulations to McRoberts STUCO for their first (at least in a long time) PEP Rally.  Held at lunch, some of our senior teams as well as our Jazz Band and our Dance Teams had an opportunity to show their skills.  There was also an opportunity for those in the crowd to compete in a variety of mini games.




Pro-D Monday

While the students were enjoying their long weekend, our staff was busy learning how to best support the Grad Numeracy Assessment (GNA) as well as having conversations about Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting.


Presenting at Education Committee

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.  Mme. Mainville and two of her students had the opportunity to present how they use the Electronic Portfolio's in French Immersion classes to the School Board's Education Committee.  


Program Planning Season

Though we are now just at the half way point of this academic year, plans are already being made for next year.  Counsellors have began program planning.  Now is an important time for families to discuss options and possibilities.  As always, we would encourage students to not only request courses that may support their potential pathways, but we also encourage students to stretch themselves and find opportunities to grow in a variety of different areas.  Leaving high school as a "well-rounded" person should be the priority of all of our students.


An Unexpected Opportunity

Due to some electrical work that was taking place, students from one of our Feeder Schools were using one of our portables this week.  As a result, we had a chance to welcome them into a couple of our classrooms to work with some of our students. Though some are over a year away from attending McRoberts, it was nice for our students to meet and talk with some of the future Strikers.



From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

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