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Congratulations to all of the students who auditioned for this year's McRoberts Idol.  Each step of the way, amazing performers got elliminated.  This week we were down to the final eight.  Each performed before a full gymnasium.  Each was outstanding.  We are down to three finalists.  The Top Three event takes place Monday at lunch.  




erase = expect respect & a safe education


Next week is Erase Week (Pink Week) here at McRoberts.  This will culminate in our annual PINK DAY on Wednesday February 27th.  Students from Ms. Nicholson's PE Leadership with help from Ms. Charlton have planned activities and opportunities to learn and embrace the theme behind the initiative.

From the Ministry Website:  erase is all about building safe and caring school communities . This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

The erase strategy has been around for a while – it all started with the Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools Strategy in 2004, and later, the Erase Bullying Strategy in 2012.

The strategy is designed to:

  • Foster school connectedness
  • Address bullying
  • Prevent violence
  • Provide support to school districts during critical incidents


Recently, it's been expanded to address complex issues including:

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Substance use
  • Social media
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Gangs and gun violence prevention


Education Week 2019


From the District Website:

Education Week is an annual celebration hosted by the Richmond School District. It is a time to celebrate teaching excellence and student achievement while highlighting individual, classroom, school and district accomplishments.

Education Week also provides an important opportunity for the Richmond community to appreciate the public education system.  

Numerous sponsors support this event and contribute to a feeling of inclusiveness that is vital to this celebration. It is through these partnerships that a true sense of community and civic pride in the City of Richmond can be shared.

We hope that you attend a few of the events and take part in the excitement. Education Week is truly a celebration of public education!

To view the complete schedule of events visit



Long Range Facilities Plan Public Consultation

From the District: The Richmond School District’s Public Board of Education gathered valuable information from the public during its consultation on school closures from June 2015 to October 2016. The feedback that was received during this consultation helped inform and guide many decisions that the District has made since the consultation closed. Now, in 2019, The Richmond School District is beginning the next phase of facilities planning and is looking for public input on the development of our Long Range Facilities Plan.

The fundamental premise of a Long Range Facilities Plan is to provide a mechanism for districts to demonstrate they are managing their facilities in an effective, economic and efficient way in support of their educational goals. The Long Range Facilities Plan places the need for capital projects in a district-wide context and becomes the basis for submission of capital project requests by the district and for investment decisions by the Ministry.

These are important considerations for the District and we hope that you will be involved in this process as it unfolds. We want to hear from you as we gather information to inform our decisions. We encourage you to visit our Long Range Facilities Plan Public Consultation website at and let us know "How Would You Like To Be Engaged" so that we can involve you in a meaningful way.



Update from the Superintendent's Office

From the District Website:

The Richmond School District wishes to announce the retirement of Superintendent, Sherry Elwood, effective March 31, 2019.

Ms. Elwood's career in public education spans over 36 years and has included a vast variety of roles including teacher, school administrator, assistant superintendent as well as Superintendent of Schools in two BC school districts. In each of her roles, she has been characterized as passionate about public education, courageous and determined. In all interactions, she has modeled a relentless dedication to keeping what is best for students at the heart of every discussion and every decision. During her 3-year tenure, Superintendent Elwood helped guide the district through some difficult issues such as school closures, seismic upgrading and the development of a SOGI Policy.

The Board of Education has hired current Deputy Superintendent, Scott Robinson, to replace Ms. Elwood as Superintendent of the Richmond School District effective April 1, 2019. Scott Robinson has been an educator for the past 27 years. He has a worked as a teacher, principal, Assistant/Associate/Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent at various levels of the K-12 system. 

Please join us in wishing Sherry Elwood and Scott Robinson the very best in their new endeavors.


From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at: