Strikers Weekly - Week of March 10, 2019












Notorious showcased dance teams from around the province.  Though technically it is a competition, there were clearly no losers as all of the teams represented their schools proudly.  A special congratulations to Ms. Naidu and her team for putting on such an amazing event. (Thanks Zoe for the photos.)




Model UN - In New York


From Billy and Angel on behalf of the Model UN New York Group.


Billy: This past week, seven McRoberts students participated in the prestigious National High School Model United Nations conference in New York City. After having the opportunity to explore the city on our first two days, the McRoberts delegates got to business to solve the world’s most urgent issues of concern, such as corruption in the European Union, and combating climate change. Highlights from our trip include the opening ceremonies which were conducted in the grand hall of the United Nations headquarters and an interview with the New Zealand deputy representative of the permanent mission to the United Nations in their offices. The trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we hope to be able to attend another international Model UN conference in the near future!


Angel: The 7 fleeting days in the big apple -New York, were the most memorable days of my senior year yet. From visiting the Museum of Modern Art to trying street food, New York’s contrasting opportunities proved an excellent meeting ground for social interactions. Sitting in the causal American burger joint, Shake Shack, we met the mother of actor Thomas McDonell. Representing Hugh McRoberts in the NHSMUN (National High School Model United Nations) conference, the four days of heavy debate on current topics helped participants develop public speaking and collaborative skills. My committee UNPFII  (United Nations Permanent Fourum on Indigenous Issues) chose to debate the topic of “Violence Against Indigenous Women”. Within 5 long committee sessions we persevered though a working paper, amendments and finally a published policy paper. Full of enlightenment, development and learning, if given the opportunity, I urge others to visit the beautiful city of New York. 



Sun Peaks Ski Trip

A weekend in the sun and snow at Sunpeaks (Kamloops).  Ms. Arnold and a large group of snowboarders and skiers, headed up to Kamloops for a weekend on the snowy slopes. (Thanks to Isabella M. for the photos).



Electronics Fun

Circuits, connectors, and power... combined can make some useful devices.  Students in Mr. Looney's Electronics class were hard at work creating useful devices.


Working with Wood

Students in Mr. Harwood's Woodwork class are hard at work carving, cutting, and finishing various projects in the class.  A leveled class, students may be working on different projects based on their current grade/level in the course.  The products are amazing.


A Feast for the Eyes and the Stomach 

Students in Foods were showing their creative side.  Cupcake Decorating takes a skilled hand and a imaginative brain.  Likely the only thing better than their looks is the taste of each of these baked delights.



Taking one for a Cause

The bidding was fierce.  The pies were mushy.  The stands were full.  In the end, the money raised for Cancer Research was amazing.  Congratulations to the Cancer Awareness Club as well as the students and staff involved in the fun way to end this week.  (Thanks to Carly for the photos).



Richmond Resilient Community Workshops


Though it is only one day of the year, ho


From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

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