Strikers Weekly - Week of April 7, 2019









Funded by the RIchmond School District, some of our students had a unique opportunity to attend the Art of Leadership Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Hopefully next week we can encourage them to share what they learned.




Gwynne Dyer

Journalist and media personality, Gynne Dyre visited McRobetrts at the invitation of M. Clemente (and the Social Studies Department).  Though not all students had a chance to hear him speak, Dyre shared many stories on a range of topics and stayed around to answer our students extensive questions.


Learning More About Core Competencies

Learning and sharing ideas with teams from around the District, some of our staff took part in the second segment of a three part Core Competencies workshop.  Like other schools, we are continuing to find support the implementation of Core Competenicies here at McRoberts.


Graduation is Coming

The Grad Photo (in the shape of the year of graduation), is a tradition of graduating classes.  Our Yearbook team is assembling our grads in this photo... a sign that Graduation is just around the corner.



Commercial Food Services


More and more students are taking advantage of some of the commercial food services that deliver direct to your location.  We would ask parents to remind your sons and daughters that this can only happen during non instructional time.  If a student has a class, they are not to leave class to pick up delivered food.  Also, we have asked all food deliveries to take place outside of the school.  We have found adult delivery people wandering around our school looking for a person to drop food off too.  While this is unfair for the delivery driver, it also creates a security issue here at the school.






Student Learning Survey (Students - Grades 10 and 12 and their Parents)

Next week, our grade 10 and 12 students will be asked to complete the Ministry of Education's Student Learning Survey.  This survey provides helpful information for schools in the their quest to be more responsive to the needs of students and parents.  Though your lives are busy, we would ask you to complete the parent version of this survey.

Thanks you in advance for your consideration.


From the BC Ministry of Education:

Below is some information for the Student Learning Survey (formerly the Satisfaction Survey).



Student Learning Survey for Grades 4, 7, 10 and 12

Help us plan for the future – tell us about your education experience. Students in Grades 4, 7, 10 and 12, their parents and all staff in B.C. public schools are invited to participate in an annual online satisfaction survey about their school experience.

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete. If your school district or school has added questions, it may take longer. 

Student and staff surveys are available in English and French. Parent surveys are available in 16 additional languages.



Dear Parents of Grades 10 and 12’s


The Student Learning Survey (SLS) has been administered every year in BC public schools since 2001. Prior to 2016-17 it was known as the Student Satisfaction Survey. We've worked hard to improve the survey and make it more useful for students, parents, teachers, and schools. 

It is the only source of province-wide information of children's learning experiences. The information is very helpful for others like the Ministry of Health, who use it to improve health services for children across BC. Your participation is an important contribution to improving the educational experiences of children.

The survey currently has the same questions regardless of your child's age, although we recognize that there may be a need to have a version for parents of younger children and one for parents of older children. On this survey, you are welcome to not answer any questions you feel do not apply to you or your child.

It is important for you to know that your information is protected under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Your responses will be kept anonymous: no one will be able to personally identify you or your child(ren) through your responses. 

This survey is voluntary and your response is encouraged, not required. Please do not include any third-party information (e.g. talk about other specific people) survey or any personal information about yourself. If any personal or identifying information about yourself or others is included it will be deleted before results are processed and stored. Data will be stored in Canada and accessible only within Canada.

If you have multiple children in the BC education system, please feel free to complete a survey for each child, even if they are at the same school. We will ask a few demographic questions at the beginning of the survey. Your responses are anonymous; your child will not be identified as a result of your participation in the survey.

We sincerely appreciate your input and thank-you in advance for your participation.


Use the following Link to access the survey:  Using the Parent “Direct Access” section, simply find our District (38 – Richmond) along with our school (located alphabetically under “H”).  Hit “Log in” and you are ready to begin.




A Message from Canadian Blood Service





From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at: