Strikers Weekly - Week of April 14, 2019














At the recent "Art of Leadership Conference," two Richmond students (including one from McRoberts) were selected to meet with the keynote presenter Malala Yousafzai.  Nobel Prize winner, Malala is a human rights advocate and a strong voice for female education.  This capped an amazing experience for all students that had the chance to participate.




Concour D'art Oratoire 2019

McRoberts students once again demonstrated both a strong grasp of French, strong speaking skills, and very creative presentations in the 2019 Concour D'Art Oratoire recently held here at our school.  Many of the McRoberts participants qualified for the Provincials in their various age group categories.  Congratulations to all students who braved the stage and performed.


Cross Walk Safety


Sadly, each year students are hurt in "pedestrian versus motor vehicle" accidents.  With numerous students who cross WIlliams and Garden City to get to and from school, the crosswalks sometimes gets busy (unfortunately, at the exact same time the vehicle traffic around our school is equally busy).  We have learned recently that the police have expressed concern about some of our students not using the crosswalks and not waiting for the lights.  Apparently this has caused some drivers to contact the RCMP.   For your safety, for the consideration of the safety of other, please abide by all traffic rules and always pay extra attention when approaching traffic.


Spring Season of Play is Underway


Whether it is boy or girls rugy, boys volleyball, girls soccer, badminton, or utimate, come out and watch our student athletes in action.  (Thanks Ms. Debou for the photograph).



An Urban Safari

Ms Swali's Biology classes had a unique opportunity.  Though they ranged in sizes, the students had a chance to see and handle many unique and exotic insects and animals.  (Thanks to Ms. Swali for some of the photographs).


An Art Walk

Though I was too caught up in looking at the amazing art to ask (or remember) what the actual art was called, students in Ms. Miller's 3D Art classes had an opportunity to display and critique each others work.  



Richmond School District is Looking For Short Term Homestays





Measles Immunization Campaign




From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

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