Strikers Weekly - Week of April 21, 2019














As Easter is fast approaching, Ms. Miller's Art Foundations class took the opportunity to mix art and culture with the creation of Psyanky Eggs.  Outlining designs in wax, using multiple layers and multiple colour dies, the students created amazing edible (I think) works of art.  




Exploring the Kidney

Ms. Debou's Biology classes were at it again.  This time, the kidney was explored to learn more about the digestive system.  Though it did not smell the best, the students kept their scientific minds sharp as they located various parts of this amazing anatomy.  



Graduation Transitions 

Though there were some nerves prior to the interviews, it was clear once the questions began, our Grade 12's had a lot to say about their accomplishments, their plans moving forward, and their goals and ambitions.  It was a wonderful day for our many staff who volunteered.  As this will be the last year for Grad Transitions, I know that some of our staff are sad that they will not have this opportunity in the future.  Congratulations to all of our Grade 12's.



Spring Season of Play is Underway


Senior Girls Soccer....


Boys Volleyball...



Senior Badmiinton....


Girls Rugby....



and Ultimate (above competing in the Spring Reign Competition in Burlington Washington) have all started their league and exhibition matches.  If you have some time, please come out and support some of our amazing student athletes.



STUCO Egg Decorating

Perhaps not the same skill or designs as the Psyanky above, Student Council hosted a plastic easter egg decorating event.  Though the eggs were plastic, students were given the chance to show their Easter Spirit ith paints, markers, and their own imagination.




Art of Leadership - Session Two

Ms. Charlton's Women of Leadership Group had the opportunity to attend the second Art of Leadership Workshop.  The students are currently planning to host their own Women's Leadership Conference in the month of May.  More to come on this.



From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

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