Strikers Weekly - Week of April 28, 2019














Episode Four in the McRoberts Minute series. Today's topic: Time Management.  Some great advice for students (and the rest of us).








Spring Production 


Mark the date.  McRobert's Spring Production - Check Please is coming very soon.  Tickets are $10 in advance (through cast members) or at the door.



PAC Meeting May 8th

Sorry, this item got missed on both the original and corrected calendar.  The next and final PAC Meeting of the school year will be on Wednesday May 8th.  


Simon a Toujours Aimé Danser


On Thursday, April 25, grade 11 & 12 students in French immersion experienced a creative production of “Simon a toujours aimé danser”, produced by Théâtre la 16e.  As part of exposing students in FI to authentic cultural events, students learned the autofiction story of Simon… a boy who loved to dance, sing and listen to classical music despite his mother, classmates and love interests not supporting him.  The play is part of the year-long inquiries on identity explored in both FRAL11 and in FRAL12.  (Thanks to Mme Mainville for the photo and the explanation.) 



A Visit to Richmond Food Security Garden: A Visit with Bees

Ms. Reichert's Core Science class was buzzing today about their trip to the Richmond Food Security's garden to get up close and personal with some friendly honey bees.  Students learned the importance of honey bees, their various jobs, and their brief and un-bee-lievable life cycle.


Students were seen hive-fiving and overheard saying things like:

  • "I can't bee-lieve no one got stung today!"
  • "Honeybees only have one stinger?  Quit pollen my leg!"
  • "Getting this close to bees isn't scary?  Wow! Hive never felt this way before!"
  • "This trip was the bees knees!"

Thanks Ms. Reichert for the photos and the explanation.



Iron Chef McRoberts

Mr. Vidas's Level 3 Foods Class held their McRoberts Iron Chef, Battle Tomato!  Students were scored on Plating, Creativity and Taste.  Judging was a challenge, as all the plates were beautifully presented,highly creative and delicious.  Congratulations to all the worthy contestants!


Coin Club Fundraiser

The coin club hosted a successful fundraiser.  The goal was to rasie awareness of the club and share some of the interesting currencies collected by the club.




ICBC Drive Smart Basketball Tournament


Please see the attached poster for the Richmond RCMP-ICBC Drive Smart 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney



From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at: is external)