Strikers Weekly - Week of May 13, 2019









For all the McRoberts' Mothers, have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend.  Be prepared to be spoiled.





Congratulations to the McRoberts Game of Apps Team who were crowned Richmond Champions in App Development. 

On May 4, we held the Game of Apps Richmond Championships, which culminated our 24-week, 80+ hour, program teaching high school teams how to build their own apps from scratch. Congratulations to the McRoberts Secondary Team (above) for finishing in first place.  The team will be advancing to the provincial finals representing the city of Richmond. 

Next up, the Provincials.





An Amazing Day for McRoberts at Concurs


It was a great weekend for McRoberts students who competed at the Provincial Concour D'Art Oratoire Competition at S.F.U.  Fifi Z. finished second in Grade 8 Immersion, Vicky C. finished second in Grade 12 Core French, Louis V. finished second in Grade 12 Francophone, and Chelsea W. (Grade 11 Immersion) and Angie W. (Grade 12 Late Immersion) emerged as champions in their categories. For Angie, the grade 12 provincial championship qualifies her to compete in Ottawa at the end of the month for the national Concur title.  Congratulations all and good luck in Ottawa Angie.




Last PAC Meeting of the Year: Last PAC Meeting for some from our Executive


The last PAC Meeting of the year was also the Last PAC Meeting for two parents.  A special thanks to Sandra and Miwa (PAC Chair and PAC Secretary) for the time, effort, and energy for our McRoberts Parents and ultimately  for our students.  We will miss you both next year!





From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

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