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Video of the Month - May.




Senior Girls Rugby Provincials

Congratulations to our Senior Girls Rugby team for their outstanding performance at the Provincial High School Rugby Championships.  Through gritty play and skilled performance, the girls finished 4th in the Province.  Well done on an outstanding year!



Une journée Franco-Fun!!!

From Mme Mainville:

On Monday, May 27th, 55 grade 8’s, 7 grade 10’s and 4 teachers set out on a glorious sunny day to Granville Island for the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.  In the morning, we attended a funk reggae style inspired concert by Senegalese artist Élage Diouf.  Students sang and “hit the woah” (which means danced for those of you older than 20!) while the band jammed out on tunes like “Mandela” & “Probleme Yi”.  After enjoying lunch from the Granville Island Public Market, students were organized into teams with a grade 10 student leader and set off on a challenging “Chasse au trésor”/Scavenger Hunt (thanks to Mme Harms) taking students all over the island.  Although Team Lucas Alibudbud actually completed the whole list of 21 items, they arrived past the deadline time set and were disqualified, therefore Team Shae Severs won with 17 items completed on the list!  They were rewarded with fresh Macarons from the market.  Thanks to Mme Harms, M. Caron-Guillemette and Ms. Koo for helping out with supervision and or planning.  We all had a “Franco-Fun” time. 


Senior Girls - Provincial Championship Tournament

Though we have yet to hear how they finished, regardless of the final rank, our senior girls soccer team had an amazing season.  For the first time in many years, our team qualified and played in the Provincial Championship.  Congratulations on an amazing season!


Update: The girl's finished an impressive 7th!  



Awards Assembly - Part of the Celebration of an Amazing Year

As a PART of the celebration of this year's extremely accomplished and talented students, this past week we hosted both the Daytime Awards Assemblies as well as the Evening Major Awards Assembly.  A special thanks to Ms. Charlton and the Awards Committee for the hours of time to put this event together.  Congratulations to all recipients and all students who have achieved their goals and demonstrated amazing growth as students and as people this year.  


Our Idol at Rich City Idol

Our McRoberts Idol, Kevin C., on stage at the Gateway Theatre with the two hosts (McRoberts own Haniya and Kevin), was a part of this year's RichCity Idol.  The talent was incredible.  In the end, it was a wonderful showcase of talent for all who participated.  Congratulations Kevin.  Thank you for proudly representing our school.


Giving is Receiving

Though it may seem from the surface, McRoberts students lent a helping hand to one of our Family of Schools, it is clear from hearing from our students, that this is a win-win relationships.  Mr. Schmidt's Peer Helpers were out in full force at the annual event.


From Brenda (an Event Organizer):

Just wanted to let you know how blown away I was last night by the volunteers from McRoberts! I ... just wanted to really thank you for connecting me with Samantha and Norei. It was a pleasure to get to know them a little through this, and I was so proud of them! They did a fantastic job and recruited reliable, willing volunteers who really took the roles seriously. We had a fantastic celebration, so many happy faces, and also raised many thousands of dollars for the school.

You should also know then that we could not run our fair without the help of McRoberts students. We had a total of 30 McRoberts volunteers (including my grade 8 son and some of his friends) as well as 20 members of the Jazz Band who performed at the fair. Because they gave their time to run carnival games, crafts and inflatables, parents were free to enjoy the evening with their kids and spend money on activities together, which helps our fundraising efforts!



Your Voice is Important - District Long Term Facilities Plan Survey

From the Richmond School District: Please take a moment to complete our third survey on the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP). The input that you provide will help guide the development of the LRFP. The survey will close on Monday, June 3, 2019.



From Ms. Millar (Career Information Advisor)

For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly