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First full week of October.  The leaves are beginning to change.  The days are getting shorter.  Summer is definitely now a distant memory.




Sorry, no "Photo of the Week."  At the end of each month, we will be posting the "Video of the Month."  The above video is September.  If you wish to find the archive of the monthly videos, these can be found in the top tab " School and District News" and then "Videos of the Month" or click this link.





Orange Shirt Day

It would be wrong to say that the Orange Shirt Day was a great success.  It seems in someway an uncomfortable statement.  Saying that, if success can be defined by greater awareness, powerful conversations, and a growing understanding of a very difficult and shameful period in Canadian History, then the day was successful.  A special thanks to Mme. Mainville and her Histoire du Monde 12 class for organizing this event.


Clubs Day

Organized by Student Council, Clubs Day is an opportunity for all students to find out information about the clubs at our school, ask questions, and even sign up.  Hundreds of students visited the various tables and sign up for clubs was high.  If Clubs Day was missed and/or you simply want some more information about some of the clubs, you can find information under the Extra-Curricular Activies" top tab then "McRoberts Clubs" or click this link.


First LET Day

Thursday October 3rd, was our first ever LET (Life Education Time) Period.  Students in their newly formed multi-aged classrooms spent time getting to know each other and set the foundation for their learning that is ahead.  Later in the period, grade 12 students learned what LET time will look like for them.  Though part of a LET grouping, our grade 12's will be tasked with some leadership but also will be provided opportunities to be "pulled-out" to focus on time approriate issues facing the graduation year.


Not Just For Halloween

Students in Mr. Wilson's Drama classes were experimenting with leather and making masks.  Using traditional methods, the students soaked and soften the leather before ahearing them to their faces to create a custom fit.  Starting with a blank piece of leather, adding a bit of moisture and a lot of creativity, the students came out with a functional piece of art.


World Teachers' Day

Though a day early, several of our Grade 12 students organized an impromptu celebration and appreciation of our staff on Friday October 4th.  As there part of the World Teacher Day celebration, our students just wanted to offer their thanks.  Though it was World Teacher Day, for our students, they do recognize the many other people in schools (both teachers and non teaching staff) that help to ensure that all goes well for students.



Grad Barbeque

The rain only changed the venue.  Moved from outside to inside, the Grad Committee's first "Grad Activity" was a big success.  Though a low key event, this year's graduating class had a chance to eat, write on each other's shirts, and simply connect.  A special thanks to all those who made this first event a special one for the Grads of 2020.



A Canadian Encounter

Recently one of our students spent a week in Ottawa as part of the "Encounter With Canada" Government Sponsored Program.  Open to students (if you are interested, here is a link), Encounters With Canada brings students from across Canada together to study an area of interest.  Along with the focus on their chosen area of study, students connect with other like-minded students, tour Ottawa, and make lasting friendships.  


Shelly writes: This week was not only some of the best fun I’ve had in a long time but also a great opportunity where I learned how to be independent, explored my career options in the medical field and finally, made a ton of friends. I will never forget this experience! 



Foods Students Getting Ready for Winter

A life skill that is overlooked by many, students in Ms. Yau's Foods and Nutrition Class tried their hand at pickling vegetables.  Though we will not know for sure (at least for a little while) how they turned out, judging from the smell, they will definitely be a treat.


Who Am I?- On Fabric


Expressing who you are in fabric, is not as easy as it may seem.  Students in Ms. Yau's Home Economics class, however, showed both their skills and personalities in their personal banners.  Thanks Ms. Yau for the photograph.


Another Traffic Safety Reminder

Though we reached out about the same topic last week, we received a call that reminded us the importance of this issue.  Thus the second reminder.

Sadly, each year students are hurt in "pedestrian versus motor vehicle" accidents.  With numerous students crossing Williams and Garden City to get to and from school, the crosswalk sometimes gets busy.  Unfortunately, this is especially true  just before the start of school and the end of the day -  the exact same time the vehicle traffic around our school is equally busy.  We are concerned that some of our students are not using the crosswalks and are not waiting for the lights.  We urge all students, for their safety and for the consideration of the safety of others, please abide by all traffic rules and always pay extra attention when approaching traffic.


Provincial Assessment Requirement Guide

Though we have shared this once before, it appears that some have questions about the Provincial Assessments.  We are in the process of establishing a schedule for the grade 10 Numeracy and Literacy Assessments.  More to come on that.  And yes, if you are in grade 12 right now, you do not have any Grade 12 Provincial Assessments.


Vaping Resources

There is a lot of misinformation about vaping.  Sadly, sometimes some only hear what they wish to hear.  Whether you are a student with questions, a parent who wishes to have an informed conversations, or an educator, the more informed we are, the better we can understand the implications of Vaping.  Chris Kwong, our community health nurse shared the following sites.  Both are highly informative and may aid in your understanding.

Attached is the link to the page above:




Attached is the link to the page above:




October 5th is World Teac


World Teachers' Day


October 5th is World Teac






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