Parking Lot Safety

As you are aware, students, cars, poor weather, when combined, make a dangerous combination.  While we appreciate that so many parents are willing to pick up and drop off their students, to ensure the safety of students, parents, and staff, we would ask you to exercise extreme caution.


There are severe limitations with the size and shape of our parking lot (particularly in the fall and winter months when the number of vehicles is the highest).


We strongly encourage you to avoid the absolute peak times for both drop off (just before the bell in the morning) and just after the bell (in the afternoon).  During these times, the volume of cars and pedestrians is at its peak.  If you can drop students off earlier and/or pick students up a bit later (even 10-15 minutes makes a huge difference), congestion rates will be significantly reduced and the risk to students and the drivers will decrease considerably.


We would also ask you to avoid the multiple lines of waiting cars.  This poses a huge risk to students and causes frustration for anyone who is in a spot, waiting to get out.  We don't want to wait for an accident to happen to prevent this.


Thank you for your help in dealing with a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation.