Where are they Now - Grad Class of 2019











Has it really only been a few months?


Though the time has passed quickly, we have not forgotten our Graduating class of 2019.  We do, however, wonder what they are up to.


So... we sent an email asking where they are and what they are doing.  Here is what we got


Nini, Angela, Selena, Kayla and Alanna write: Currently we are studying at Langara college and struggling to travel to school everyday on the busiest skytrain ever. This is the travelling crew. Welcome to our lives! “ 




Stephenie writes: I'm currently living on campus at the University of British Columbia and in the pre-biomedical engineering program. Despite having a terrifying courseload and being sleep-deprived, it's an honour to be working with so many intelligent and talented students from all over the world. In addition to being a student, I'm also an executive for the UBC Badminton Club! The president, vice president, and other executives are featured in the first photo, at my high school graduation. The second and third photos demonstrate my everlasting struggle to find the balance between academics, sports, and self-care. (note the venti coffee, my new necessity in life)





Matthew writes: I'm taking a gap semester until January, when I find out the results to my Japanese scholarship and either go to Japan or stay and continue my piano education.  Just sending you a very recent photo of me (about 5 minutes ago, actually) of me waiting for our flight to the Philippines. 




Lawrence write: After achieving my first Red Seal level in July, I decided not to go back to school for a while. Now I’m working part time at Cactus Club Cafe as a line cook. I’m on cold side right now, which handles salads and desserts, but soon I’ll be moving up to appetizers.




Kevin writes:  I’m attending Langara right now and hoping to transfer to UBC next year and major in Internationals relations!!




Xia writes: I'm at SFU, intending to major in English and minor in theatre. Life is more solid than it ever was and I was able to land a role in the upcoming fall one acts for SFU. I finally have one thing I've never had before: mental stability. Yeeeeeeeeehaw. 




Susanna writes: I’m currently studying life sciences at McMaster University. Though I seem pretty happy in the picture, I actually just finished my first chemistry midterm that day and kinda failed it lollllllll now I miss how well  Daddy Mr. Marr prepared me for university Physics and Calculus!¡!¡!¡ !!!! 




Kayla writes: I am now studying 3D animation at Capilano University. This picture is of me working on a project for class, it's not easy but learning is part of the process to success. I have met so many nice people here and wouldn't trade my experiences at Cap for anything else.



Felix, Javed, Colin and Ali enjoying their time at SFU Beedie"




Chris writes: Everyone is so talented here at Juilliard... dancers, actors, musicians alike; it’s crazy! It’s so amazing is that everyone is so dedicated to their artistic craft and I’m really enjoying my time here!



Jacqueline writes: I am currently attending UBC and am in the program of Kinesiology. I am also on the UBC women’s soccer team and am really enjoying it! 




Sunanah writes: I am currently living on residence and studying environmental science at SFU. My goals: hopefully pass all of my classes and get my drivers licence *cough ICBC *cough *cough. 




Angie writes: This is me (in the back) in Toronto's Chinatown, grabbing lunch with a friend to deal with life science midterm stress!


Catherine writes: I’m studying Nursing in French Immersion at uOttawa! The course load is definitely more than I expected, but I’ve met lots of people and uni is quite interesting:) I miss my friends and family (Oreo especially), though. My mom is sending me cookies soon!! The first pic was taken while my family and I were walking around downtown Ottawa. The 2nd pic is of the beautiful Rideau Canal.



Liz and Jena write: Me (Liz) and Jena both go to Langara! I’m studying nursing so that I can later on become a Surgical Nurse and Jena is studying Psychology. We both enjoy our time here but also miss McRoberts very much! 




Dennis and Kevin write: Dennis (Engineering) and Kevin L (Business) studying on the go in their portable library. Vroom Vroom.




Nina writes: I'm at the University of Toronto studying Life Sciences, currently drowning in my midterms but its because a pretty upper year boy gave me a rose (as seen in photo)! It's truly been an incredible experience moving across the country and immersing myself in a completely new environment. I'm so thankful that I'm able to call Toronto my new home but, McRoberts was where it all started. Thank you McRoberts, for all the life lessons I needed to learn to study Life Sciences at the BEST school in Canada!



Joey writes: I have started my freshman year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the United States. Everything is new here and I can proudly say that I am adapting well, the food here is great, it is ranked the best campus food in the United States. University life is, indeed, really different from high school though. I have not declared a major yet but I am considering going into Mathematics and Statistics major and pursue a degree in actuarial science. I am really thankful for Mr.Marr and Mr. Wong for the preparation they've given me to take on the challenge here in University. I finished two midterms already and I have one more to do tomorrow. 



Joe, Chiarra, and Lamees write: Joe, Chiarra, and Lamees are attending SFU(aka the construction site). We’re all in sciences having the best time of our lives. Remember kids, no smoking!




Olivia writes: I’m currently babysitting 3 cute kids for a living and spending the rest of my hours with Melody at UBC trying to solve ridiculously hard math problems and never getting the right answer.

Melody writes: I volunteer in the ER - sometimes I open doors for people, sometimes people vomit on me. I’m aspiring to have a career in medicine. But right now, I’m studying hard at UBC and painting out my dreams on canvases at night under the stars.

Mauricio writes: I am in Science I at UBC and never have enough time to do the things I love. I used to swim 10 times a week and it’s sad to see things change. I might still dwell on the past, but I have made new and incredible friends. Yet, when I see people I used to know - my heart breaks a little.


Cayley writes: This is me studying for my chem midterm tomorrow morning. I’m at Langara College studying Arts and Sciences, but more specifically Chemistry and English! College is fun but I miss McRoberts!!



Sarah writes: I am studying human kinetics at ubco! So far I’m loving hk and really loving the dorm life on such a beautiful campus. However one thing I’m still getting used to is the weather, it’s definetly chillier up here in Kelowna. 



Penny writes: In NYU-SH writing a law case brief in a calculus class and trying hard not fail any course.




Maxine, Georgia, and Emily write: We finally made it to Europe, where we’re hiding out for the rest of the year with our trusty (and rather sizeable) backpacks. So far we’ve danced in the Netherlands, become chocolate connoisseurs in Belgium, reviewed our notes on the Middle Ages in the Czech Republic and fested during October in Germany. We’re eating goulash in Prague as we write this. Life is good.





Victor writes: I’m currently studying Forest Sciences at UBC. I still figure skate as a single skater, and recently became a pairs skater (you can see me lifting my pairs partner). Other than that, I’m fine right now.



Though both at Emily Carre, Airi and Joyce took the time out to visit and share life in Art School with students in Ms. Miller's Art Careers Class.


Hanyia writes: Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I've pretty much been a full time student at UBC since school started, and university is nothing like what I imagined. This is not to say that nothing has been going as planned, but more to emphasize that not everything you expect is supposed to become a reality. When I was in grade 12, I pictured university to be a bigger version of high school, super fun and super social. As fun and social as it is, university life is STRESSFUL. Every day packed to the brim: I wake up at the brink of dawn, and get home as the sun is coming down. Instead of comfortable classes of 30, I'm thrown into oceans of 450 students from all across the globe. I wouldn't trade the life I'm living right now for anything in the world though. I am surrounded by 60,000 brilliant students that inspire me to challenge myself every single day. The University of British Columbia is a city that never sleeps, and I've been working really hard to be able to still have fun in my spare time, and so far so good. Balance is everything, and if there is anything that the first two months of school has taught me, is that balancing your lifestyle is the recipe for a healthy and supreme university experience. I hope to see more familiar faces on campus in the near future, good luck everyone. (this is me bumping into Olivia and Melody after my 9am lecture)



Kate, Harmony, Selena, Vincent, Kayla, Esteia, Veronica, and Yvette write: Though not all geographically together, these thoughtful friends do their best to keep in touch!

  • Kate is in the Sauder program at UBC, and is currently studying for her midterms!! While she’s having a lot of fun at UBC, she really misses coaching and playing high school sports.
  • Harmony is currently working a dead end job (it is actually a very good job - Esteia) but is making lots of money so she is kind of happy.
  • Selena is thriving at McRoberts... oh wait sorry Langara. It's just filled with TONS of people from McRoberts so it feels the same. She isn’t sure of what she is going to concentrate in but she has made a college bestie #meandmyboo. Her days are filled with Selenator Vlogs, work, and frie.....s fries because she is socially awkward and has no new friends. LOVELY 
  • Vincent is studying Molecular Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley so his head is currently hurting lots :( He has gotten close with LOTS of people though, including his TA! He’s enjoying the California sun but misses home and all his friends!
  • Kayla is living her best life working at Plenty and attending Langara. She hopes to become a nutritionist because she is #health.
  • Esteia is studying Business at SFU and has joined a club called AIESEC!  Look it up and contact her if you are interested in going on International Exchange. :)  She is currently at the Surrey Campus, so she is happy to finally be going to school in the same city as the one she lives in.
  • Veronica is studying at the University of Washington! She misses her car because she has been walking so much. She has a friend. #socializingishard
  • Yvette is currently studying at the University of Toronto. She is a little overwhelmed with all the work she has to do, but is very grateful for everyone that she has met there.  She is pleasantly surprised by how warm it’s been, but she knows that it won’t last much longer. 




Nawal, Cayley, and Sorella write: post-secondary can be a struggle but it’s easier when you have some good friends.




Carissa writes: Hey guys I'm currently at UBC and here's a pic of me where I usually pass out after my 8am physics class. The trees are beautiful out here right now but it's too bad most of us are too busy stressing about midterms to really enjoy it. I just want to pass math this term please pray for me haha. Sending good vibes to you all.




Sarah writes: I’m currently enrolled in the Professional Photography Program at Langara College here in Vancouver. I’m at the college 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing!



Faaiz (front row far right) writes: I am currently studying at the University of Ottawa hoping to complete a joint degree in Political Science and Common Law. Though I do miss home, I am definitely enjoying my new found freedom and cherishing the incredible honour of serving as a page in the Senate of Canada. 


Sumia writes: It’s been more than one month since I started university. The non stopping note taking during a two hours lecture and the all nighters I had to pull to study for midterms made me realized just how unprepared I am for university! Despite all that, I am having a great time here making new friends and gaining new experiences.



Mark writes: I'm currently studying in "University of Alberta", it is really really cold here, I mean really cold!!! Also it is really busy as an Engineering student. But the thing is we do have all you can eat meal plan for first students that live in residence!!  So, it is a good choice to join UofA.  By the way, don't forget to join the dodgeball league (it is the biggest one in North America) Oh, Daddy Marr's Calculus notes are so useful and I don't regret that I love him a lot. Take care everyone, cause your life starts now.



Omar writes: So Me Simon and Crispin are having a great time commuting to SFU and learning discrete math. We miss McRoberts but really nothing's changed. Simon and Crispin are still trying hard and I'm.. well the pic says it all.



Queenie writes: I am currently studying business at UBC, and it's getting quite stressful with midterms and assignment deadlines coming up. However, I'm trying to balance out the academic side of university by joining UBC Current, the dragon boat team, and continuing to play the trumpet with the 15 Field Military Reserves Band (my first concert in uniform is in November!) Living on residence has also been a great blessing as I have a lot more time to [procrastinate] studying and hang out with friends on campus.


Aicha writes:

Parents don't lie when they say that life after high school is tough. Between being assigned 8 projects on the same day, all due within a week of one another, and a seemingly endless list of medical terms to remember, health science schooling is VERY tough.

Two months into college, and I've also been in a 5-car collision, had a false STI result scare, and am still struggling to make friends since my peers at least twice my age. And let's not forget about the hectic daily schedule. My calendar is colour-coded and would outshine even the rainbow!

While full-time health care student, I'm also a full-time prep cook, a part-time manager/server/cashier at an organic ice cream shop, and a part-time pharmacy technician. For those who ask, yes, I do sleep. How much sleep is another question all together ;p

Point to my blurb above is, life goes on. We're human and at times, superhuman tasks will be asked (demanded) of us. Power through all the drama, the inconvenience s life will chuck towards you. The mediocre paychecks await you! XD



Oof! First TERM university of First Year was a big yikes! I am currently studying Computer Science at UBC in the faculty of Science. Also, amidst studying for finals, I also gotta study for interviews as well! BUT, after everything is said and done, I am very grateful and excited to start working for Microsoft as a software engineer + PM intern for summer 2020! The great thing is, I don't have to be in Vancouver anymore since the position is in the USA!!! Very exciting stuff. 



A special thanks to all the graduates of 2019 who shared their current stories.  If we receive any more, we will update this page.  In the meantime, we hope you are all well and achieving all that you deserve in life.  Be well, be safe.  Remember, Once a Striker....