Strikers Weekly - Week of October 27, 2019











Parent Teacher Conferences are Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will be an opportunity for parents to connect with teachers. 

Next week is also Halloween... Hopefully this will be a fun (but safe) week for all.




Senior's Day for the Senior Girl's Volleyball Team.  As the last home regular season game of the year, the senior (grade 12's) were saluted for their commitment to McRoberts Athletics.  




STUCO Spirit Week Ahead - Show your McRoberts Spirit!




Halloween Costume Fashion Show - October 31st

Hopefully all of you have put the final touches on your costumes for this year.  Not only can you wear them, but you can put them on display.  Back after a short absence, the Halloween Costume Fashion Show is back.  Come at lunch to check out and/or show off on stage this Thursday.



Traffic Safety

We realize that this is the third time in recent weeks that we have put in a reminder about traffic safety.  Our hope, however, is simply to ensure the safety of our students.  


First off, while we try to remind our students to pay attention when crossing major intersections, sometimes they forget (especially when with friends or distracted by technology).  We would ask all parents help by simply reminding (nagging) your kids about this simple but important safety precaution.


Second, we do appreciate parents moving away from our main parking lot (reducing congestion) and dropping students off East of the school.  We would ask parents to avoid stopping close to the driveway entrance to this lot.  The problem this causes is congestion on Williams.  With this being a similar time to our students arriving at school, it creates for a dangerous backlog on the streets with a mix of pedestrians and cars.  Not a good combination.  What we would ask instead, is for vehicles to FULLY pull to the right side and park their vehicles while the kids get out of their own vehicles for safety purposes.  There is ample parking on the side.  The danger arises when the cars stop very close to the entrance pathway allowing the kids to head towards the building in a manner of convenience because of the drop off proximity.


Thank you for helping keep all of our students safe.


Social Studies Trip to the Provincial Capital


Organized by M. Clemente and Mr. Malchie, 30 students visited Victoria for a day of exploration.  From Parliament to Museums to the amazing river walk, students enjoyed a great day.  A special thanks to Anastasia for the great photos.




Making preparations, students in Ms. Reichart's class are preparing for a little beautification project.  The hard work now will pay dividends in the Spring.  Over 150 bulbs will be planted in the front court.  Just another reason to look forward to the Spring.



How do you get to school - Perhaps we should not complain

A weekend watching a documentary sparked the desire to share.  Sofia L. got captivated by a show she had watched "Most Dangerous Ways to School."  Not only was she inspired, she wanted to share this inspiration to anyone that would listen.  Mme. Rost Komiya took up that challenge and invited her to present to some of her students.  Students were shown a clip of the show and challenged to think of how much overcome to just attend school.  Perhaps this is an important lesson for all of us who sometimes take things (like an amazing opportunity to be educated) for granted.  Thanks Sofia.



Fruit, Creativity, and Fun

Not only was it fun to do, it is a great skill to have.  Students in Ms. Yau's class spent the morning creating their own Jam.  While some stuck with the conventional, others explored some of the outer boundaries of normal to create their own jams.  A fun time with a sweet product to show for it....


Richmond Autism Resource Fair








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