Strikers Weekly - Week of November 23, 2019













Bring back the neon and the disco ball.  Well, at least for one night.  STUCO's Retro Dance was a great night of music, dance, and most importantly, fun.  Thanks for all involved for making this a wonderful event for those who participated.





Parking Lot Safety


Though we are sounding like we are continually repeating ourselfves, we continue to get parents concerned about challenges around our drop off and pick up times.  While we know student safety is always a concern for parents, we also recognize that the congestion during drop off and pick up times increases the number of vehicles and pedestrians in a confined area.  This increases the risk for all involved.  


We would ask all parents to be particularly careful during times of increased congestion.  If you can drop off or pick up outside of the peak times (even by 10-15 minutes), this will ease the burden for all involved.  This may involve having students arrive a bit earlier or leave a bit later.  The reduced number of cars at peak time, will however, increase the level of safety. 


If you must pick up or drop off during these times, we would ask you to excercise patience.  The biggest cause of concern are cars that try to bypass other cars in getting to an intended spot cutting off cars in the process.  



Grade 12's Giving the Gift of Life

A special thanks to some of our amazing graduation class of 2020.  When hearing of the need for blood, students rode the bus to provide blood for those in need.  Two groups of grade 12 students participated in two separate McRoberts Donor Clinics.


Some thoughts from some of the participants:

  • “I was really nervous at first but I am so glad I donated and was able to make a difference. I hope my plasmama is proud.” - Vickie W.
  • “On our way in, a man congratulated us and told us that we were helping his daughter down at BC Children’s hospital. It made all the hard work worth it.” - Shelley K
  • “No matter how daunting it might seem in the beginning, it’s really great to know that we are aiding in saving someone’s life.” -Sydney L 


A special thanks to Shelly K. and Latif D. for helping organize these two opportunities for our students to give.  



A Funeral for Lenin 

Post and Photos from Mme. Mainville:

In Histoire Mondiale du XXe siècle (20th Century World History), students in Mme Mainville’s class re-enacted Lenin’s funeral.  In character, students delivered eulogies in class on Friday on behalf of Tsar Nicholas, Trotsky, Rasputin, factory workers, kulaks and even Karl Marx for example.  Students used historical perspective to determine the historical significance of Vladimir Lenin.  They had to determine if Lenin was a hero for putting in place the first communist regime in history and taking down the aristocracy, in an effort to improve the life of peasants and workers in the Soviet Union or whether he was just another tyrant who led a revolution that put an end to the Tsar’s rule but put another cruel dictatorship in place in the name communism. The jury is still out although the hero side is slightly in the lead… 



Dirty Hand Creativity

Studnets in Ms. Miller's 3-D Art Classes were making a bit of a mess to create fabulous pieces of art.  Whether it was creative coil construction, working on the pottery wheel, or creating still life works, students demonstrated both their skills and creativity.  (Thanks to Ms. Miller for the photos).



Senior Boys Soccer Team - Top Ten in the Province

Congratulations to our senior boys soccer team who placed 9th in the Province this past week at the Provincial Championship in Burnaby.  Playing a grueling five games in three days, the team represented our school proudly.  Well done to the coaches and players on an amazing season.



Mini Med School


Latif, Rachel and Emily were among students from around BC involved in the Mini-Med 2019.  Held at UBC with lectures and instruction from UBC Professors, the focus this year was pediatric cancer research: "improving treatments, pursing cures and creating a better tomorrow for kids with cancer."  Thanks Ms. Swali for the photos.


Junior Girls - Provincial Championship Tournament

Though the tournament has just begun (three games into this), our Junior Girls volleyball team is hard at work representing McRoberts at the Junior (Grade 10) Provincial Championship tournament held at Earl Marriot Secondary in Surrey.  Good luck girls!




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