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Though technically a day early, November's Video of the month.  If you want to see other video of the months, they can be found in the top tab School and District News and then Video of the Month (or click this link).



Parking Lot Safety

They clean up nicely.  Congratulations to the Senior Boys and Girls as they take on the best in the Province.  The senior volleyball championships in Langley will see both of our teams compete.  Thanks Ms. Frier for the photo. 





Breakfast with Santa - December 20th - 8am - Tickets now on sale

Breakfast with Santa” is now on School Cash Online. $6.00.   The event will be December 20th.(8am to 9:45am – we will have a late start with first period class beginning at 9:50am). Tickets on sale until Monday December 16th.  Ticket includes a full breakfast (bacon, sausages, homestyle potatoes, scrambled eggs, baked goods, hot chocolate), as well as entertainment, but most importantly, a fun time to spend with friends.


STUCO Candy Grams Now on Sale

Along with Breakfast with Santa, another way to get into the holiday spirit is to send Candy Grams to those special students in your life.  Candy Gram sales begin on December 2nd.



Grads vs. Staff Dodgeball Action

Sports is about fun, getting exercise and just having some time to bond... so, it really does not matter who wins and loses... or does it?  Okay, in the Grads vs. Staff Dodgeball Match, the students clearly showed that youth prevails over experience.  The Dodgeball crown goes to the Grads.  I do hear whispers about a call for a rematch.  Thanks to the Grad Legacy Group for helping making this fun activity possible.



Bantam Girls in the "News"


From the Richmond News.  For the full story, here is the link.



Just in Case: Snow Day Protocol

In a Nutshell...

Richmond schools will remain open if at all possible. Any district wide closure will be decided by 6:00 a.m. at the latest and announced via CKNW AM 980 radio, News AM 1130 radio, CBC, AM 690 radio, Fairchild AM 1470 radio, CHQM FM 103.5 radio, CBC television, BCTV, City, TV and CTV BC.  Individual school closures due to unique circumstances (e.g., power outage) will be announced as early as possible in the same manner.

No announcement will be made saying that schools are open. Only closures will be announced.

Schools provide an important public service to the community. Any closure has a significant impact on tens of thousands of families. Most cannot arrange alternate child care when schools are closed unexpectedly. Consequently, schools will not be closed due to snow or other weather conditions unless conditions reach the level of civic emergency (a very rare occurrence) or there is damage or other circumstances (e.g., power outage) at a particular school that makes it impossible to operate safely.

During snow events it is common for police and other authorities to advise citizens to avoid unnecessary travel. These advisories do not constitute direction to close public facilities and should not be interpreted as implying school closure.

Staff, students and parents should assume that schools will be open. Should it become necessary to close schools, that decision will be made as early as possible, and no later than 6:00 a.m.  Closures will be announced via the following media outlets: CKNW AM 980 radio, News AM, 1130 radio, CHQM-FM 103.5 radio, CBC AM 690 radio, Fairchild AM 1470 radio, CBC, television, BCTV, City TV and CTV BC.  Students are encouraged to attend school on a snow day. However, it is understood that some students travel to school in ways that may not be possible or safe on a snow day. Therefore, no student will be penalized for lack of attendance. Student safety is the first priority of the District.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s safe travel to school on a snow day. If, for any reason, a parent/guardian feels that a child cannot travel safely to school they should make other arrangements. Schools will be kept open to provide the option of attendance for all, but the decision to attend is the responsibility of each family.

Regular and special needs school busses will attempt to operate on their normal schedule during a snow day. Significant changes to the regular bus schedule as a result of weather conditions will be reported on the district web site ( Should the condition of side streets require a change to the operation of special needs school busses, or any cancellation of service, all affected families will be informed individually by telephone.



Richmond Public Library Visits McRoberts Library

We are so fortunate to live in community with so many services.  This week, staff from the Richmond Public Library came by to share the services and resources that can be found at one of the many public libraries in Richmond.



2D Magic - Talent, Creativity, and Passion

It is always amazing to see artists engaged.  Time goes by quickly.  Minor tweaks bring big rewards.  For those who are not blessed with talent, it is clear what talent does look like.



Holiday Spirit is in Bloom


Students in Ms. Reichart's class were on hand to help in creating a more festive spirit with the trimming of a tree and finding a place for the Menorah.  This must mean the holidays are coming.



In Search of Bacteria

Not that they are likely to find any (okay, not that much at least), students in Anatomy and Physiology classes were exploring our school.  Swabbing for bacteria that they intend to grow, the students hypothesized where most likely spots might be.



Short-Term Homestays Needed





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