Strikers Weekly - Week of March 8, 2020












Notorious 2020!  An amazing night!  (Thanks Brianna A. for some of the photos... the good ones!).




STUCO Spirit Week

STUCO Week - join in on the Striker Spirit.



Want To Pie a Teacher?

The Cancer Awareness Club is hosting a "Pie Your Teacher" event.  Based on bid donations, students may win the right to pie the teacher of their choice (just for the good cause of course).



Life Sciences up Close

Mr. Rutherford Biology (Life Science) students were studying the cardiovascular and respiratory systems up close this week.  Though it is not for everyone, most of the students were fascinated to see exactly how these systems worked.


Genius Hour Showcase

Mme. Mainville's Grade 11 students had the opportunity to share their Genius Hour Projects to both students from McRoberts as well as students from some of our Feeder Schools.



McRoberts Jazz Band at the District Jazz Night

The McRobert's Jazz band was part of the recent Jazz night held at Gateway Theatre.  



Final Ski Trip for This Year's Ski Club

A perfect way to end the season, the McRoberts Ski Club had good snow and a clear night of skiing.  



Grade 7 Feeder School Tournament

More than the basketball, the Grade 7 Feeder School Tournament is a fun way to have some of our future students in our school for a bit of organized fun.  Thanks to Mr. Milhom and all the students who helped organize and run this yearly event.



Bungee Jump Physics

Students from Mr. Powell's Physics class finally had a chance to test their bungee creations.  The goal, gently touching the water without breaking the egg, seemed much easier said than done.  



Music Program Takes to the Street (or Parking Lot)

With the sunny spring weather, Mr. Carter's music program took some time to soak in some of the sunshine and play in the parking lot.  Performing as a marching band, the students drew the attention of parents as well as a few passing pedestrians.


Interact Lipsync Contest

Congratulations to the school's Interact Club for hosting their first ever lipsync competition.  The teams showed great creativity (and bravery) showing their "stuff."  It was a fun event and hopefully the first of more.


Earth Week Planning

The Student Core Competencies met this week - planning Earth Week for April, around the Core Competency of Social Awareness and Responsibility.




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