Strikers Weekly - Week of March 29, 2021









It has been a difficult week for all.  Sadly the weeking included the cancelation of the Rugby Tour, the cancelation of many athletic and other extracurricular plans for the near future, and restrictions placed on all International Travel.  As difficult as some of these measure have been, we do understand the rationale.  The more we do now to prevent the spread of the virus, the better able our society and our planet will be able to cope with its effects.   Keep washing your hands, coughing into the crook of your arms, and staying away from other if you are feeling unwell.  All these little actions make a big difference in this global cause.



From the Engineering Club at the UBC High School Design and Engineering Competition.  (Thanks Latif for the information and the photos).  Latif writes: We attended as the McRoberts Engineering Club this past Saturday and we were tasked with solving an engineering problem, making a prototype, and presenting our solutions to the judges. This year's problem was "preventing/combating wildfires". We had 12 students from McRoberts attend. One of our groups (those holding certificates in the pictures) got first place in the Junior Division.




COVID-19 Update (as distributed to parents via email)


A Message from Richmond's Superintendent of Schools:


March 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you are likely aware, new information was provided yesterday by the Provincial Health Officer and Minister of Health regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Please see the attached letter to parents from the Deputy-Minister of Education. In addition to this letter, I would like to provide further information that is specific to the Richmond School District:

Non-essential travel outside of Canada: We realize that many families have made spring break plans which involve travel outside of Canada, however, we are hopeful that as a community, we will all make decisions to help protect our families, our neighbours and others who may be vulnerable. We strongly request that anyone returning from outside of Canada comply with the Provincial Health Officer’s self-isolation protocol of 14 days. We all have a role to play in protecting our children, our families and staff members. Please notify your school principal if you are going to be returning to school from outside of Canada after spring break so the appropriate steps can be taken to support your child.

As a result of the Provincial Health Officer advising against all travel outside of Canada, the school district has taken the following steps which are in effect until the end of June:

  • Anyone returning from outside of Canada will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to school,
  • All field trips outside of Canada have been cancelled,
  • All student exchanges and visits to Richmond public schools are being cancelled or rescheduled,
  • All staff work-related travel outside of Canada for conferences and professional development have been cancelled,
  • Any new student registrants arriving from outside of Canada will be required to self-isolate for 14 days before attending school.

Closing of schools: At this time the Provincial Health Officer has not made the decision to close schools. However, the great majority of students and staff in the Richmond School District will be starting a two-week spring break tomorrow. As we are in a rapidly evolving situation, district senior staff will continue to be in contact with public health officials and the Ministry of Education during spring break. If the decision to keep schools open following spring break changes, parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

Community gatherings of more than 250 people: Until otherwise advised by health authorities, schools will not hold assemblies or other events with more than 250 participants present. Additional care will be taken to ensure that there is adequate space between students during all sizeable gatherings. We will continue to assess planned events between [Type here] now and the end of the school year and as further information becomes available, decisions will be made and communicated to parents.

Cleaning protocols: The District will take the opportunity to further increase our daily cleaning protocols of all school sites over spring break. In addition to the regular daily cleaning of schools, extra sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning will continue to be conducted. For the past month, sanitizing of schools has also been taking place on the weekends. Over spring break, sanitization will be increased while most schools are closed. Every effort is being made to maintain as clean and as safe an environment as possible for our students and staff.

We will continue to take direction and receive advice from public health officials. Parents are encouraged to continue to seek information from the Vancouver Coastal Health website and to check the school district website for updates. I continue to be hopeful that we will all come together as a community to support one another and ensure that we each do whatever we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, their families and our staff


Scott Robinson

Superintendent of School


McRoberts Dance Teams at Notorious







Thanks to Avery for the amazing video and congratulations to the members of the McRoberts Dance Teams.  The dancers were amazing!



Protecting Yourself...

As a part of Ms. Frier's PE Class, students had the opportunity to opt into a self defence course.  Hopefully students will now have some basic understanding of ways to keep themselves safe if confronted by a difficult situation.



Learning Calligraphy

Mr. Morrison's Japanese 9 class learning Japanese calligraphy with Haru (spring) and Sakura (cherry blossom).


Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award


Richmond International Student Program - Short Term Homestays Wanted


Richmond International Student Program is looking for homestay families upto 6 weeks during July-August.

Information about the Summer program

  • Various homestay options between July 6th-Aug14th
  • Up to 4 students per homestay
  • Grade 8’s to college(Approx. 12/13 years old)
  • Homestay stipend: $35 per student per night (Includes: 3 meals per day and snack; transportation to and from school from Monday to Friday; some weeknights and weekend transportation within Richmond).




Screen Time









For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:

This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.