How to use Zoom

Zoom is a simple platform that we will use to meet (virtually).  For those who have not used this before, it is realitively intuitive.  Attached below are a few videos that will help get you started.   Each video is relatively short but is helpful.  Watch only the ones you feel you need to get you started.  Once you get on the platform, hopefully with a bit of help from us, you will feel comfortable in a short period of time.


We will share the link of the full playlist from Zoom of all the videos if you are interested in exploring all aspects of this tool.  For the purposes of this post, we will only include those videos that we feel are essential to get you started.


Signing Up and Downloading the Client: You don't need to download if you don't want, you can run it from your web browser.  If you want to set up your own Zoom meetings, you will need to download (and it seems to work fine on the District Macs without requiring permissions).  We would suggest that you download the client when you can.




Joining a Zoom Meeting: For the Staff Meetings or EF Meetings, a link will be sent out through ML McRoberts Staff or directly to those who are asked to meetng via Outlook.



In Meeting Controls:  We were reluctant to include this video as it shows much more than you really need.  This video, the longest of those that are being shared (10 minutes), will walk you through some of the key features while you are in a Zoom meeting.  To be fair, you don't really need to watch this.  If you can find the bottom dock (once in a meeting) and find the first two buttons (Mute and Stop Video), that is really all you will need to get started.  In large meetings, we will likely have everyone muted until you wish to speak (then simply click unmute).  Though we would like you to have your video on, this is not required... it just makes the meeting more virtual.  The only other button that may be useful is the "Chat" button that will create a chat bar which is visible while the meeting goes on.  This may be useful to ask questions or to let someone know that you would like to speak.



For those of you that want to learn more, here is a link to the full Zoom Playlist (on Youtube)  This will allow you to learn some of the tools that you may wish to use if you want to set up your own meetings and/or use this tool with your students.  For beginners, it may be better to explore Zoom first before venturing too far.


The best way to learn the basics of Zoom is to Zoom.  If you have downloaded the app, open it, click on "New Meeting,"

Click on the invite button (3rd button from the left on the bar), and invite someone to a Zoom meeting.  

The easiest way to invite someone is to click "Copy invitation" on the bottom of the Invite screen (after clicking your Invite button) and pasting this in an email to the person or people you wish to join. 

(There is actually an easier way but that requires changing your default Email.... rather not explain that here.)


For those who are still struggling, we promise to support you as best we can.  Thanks for your willingness to try.