Strikers Weekly - Week of May 10, 2020











We are wondering if continuing to publish the "weekly" newsletter is worth bothering those readers (at least during Continuity of Learning).  As in recentl weeks, the weekly is a "little" light, we are wondering if moving to simply posting the few items directly on the website on arrival rather than waiting until the end of each week.  Our Strikers Weekly is intended mainly to showcase what are students are doing (both our students and our students work).  Though we also include upcoming events and news, the primrary intent is to use this newsletter as a gathering place to allow parents and others small glimpses into our school (without having to come through the doors).  As it is our students that are unable to "come through the doors," this newsletter is an empty shell of what we wish it to be.


Though we have not made a final decision, we will be montitoring what we have to share and determine what is the best way to share it (at least during this "new normal").  





From Richmond Continuing Education


FOR ANY and ALL STUDENTS (Open to the Public)

  • Academic Full Credit Grades 10-12
  • Enrichment Grades 1-12
    • non-credit, including Elementary Exploration & Elementary Fine Arts

These courses will be delivered using a fully remote-online instructional model. Online registration will start on various dates beginning on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Details will be posted on our website, --> Register Online



In terms of addressing the academic and social-emotional learning needs of vulnerable students, Richmond Continuing Education will work with school administrators and district staff to plan programs such as:

  • Summer Inspiration for elementary students (Blundell, Bridge, Grauer, Kidd, Mitchell & McNeely)
  • ~ NEW ~ Secondary outreach programs (Boyd & McNair)
  • ~ NEW ~  Summer Inspiration for children of Essential Service Workers
  • Academic Completion Grades 8-11 (under review)

These programs will be delivered in a hybrid model of instruction (in-class and remote-online instruction). These programs will NOT be advertised publicly since these are only for SD 38 students and will be referred by schools.



Library Fines... An Update  


From Ms. Freese and Ms. Staschuk: The library will not be charging fines on materials due on or after March 30th when we were to return from Spring Break.  (You are still responsible for the return of items and fines accrued before the beginning of Spring Break.)

Please put these items in a safe place.

There will be more information coming on how books can be returned (and how  fines are to be paid.)



Inspire 2020

Hopefully you will have seen on the front page of our website (and/or under the "Student" top tab), the Inspire Project.

As mentioned...

Though the original plan was to have INSPIRE be a "live event," our current context has not allowed this to be possible.  This did not stop the organizers or the presenters who wanted to use a virtual platform to allow some of our senior students to share their stories.  As the students suggest, the hope is to Inspire.  Though directed originally for our younger students, hopefully all can be inspired by our student speakers.



For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:

This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.