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Below please find the questions we received and the answers we have provided.  We will do our best to update this as the questions come in.  If we update this page, it will again appear at the top of the front page of our website.  All questions will be organized by date (with the most recently posted question first.


Though each time we update this page, we will include it on the front page of our website, this can be found anytime under the Continuity of Learning top tab (top row of tabs in our website... far right).


If you have questions that have not been answered, please send them to us via this LINK.



Friday May 15, 2020

When will school be ending? Will it be in June or earlier than that?

At this time, no change has been made in the end date for this school year.  Though things are changing on a weekly basis, at this time our expectation is the dates identified in the June printed calendar will still be in effect.


Sunday May 10, 2020

The registration for summer school start on May13.  Do you know the exact time we can register a course?  Why isn't the countdown for the course registration available on the website? Every year, there is always one, so I was wondering about it.

Sorry, I don't have much information about Summer Learning other than what has been on their website.  We have not heard why there will be no countdown.  I know that some of the decisions regarding Summer Learning (the types and quantity of programs) are still being made.  For those looking for more information regarding Summer Learning, here is the website to the Richmond School District Continuing Education:



Wednesday April 15, 2020 

Good afternoon, I'm just wondering if updating the contact information has been completed. Both my kids are still getting all the emails to their old email accounts and not the email accounts I entered on the Contact Information and Access questionnaire.

As of now, all completed forms (Contact Information Confirmation) has been updated for students though we are finishing the updating of the information for students.  Based on your question, I am guessing that for some reason, some students have been missed.  If you can contact the school to let us know, we can update the incorrect information.


Wednesday April 8, 2020 

What's going to happen with the CAPSTONE project and LET days? Are they going to continue or not?

Our Career Education team met this week and they plan to get information to our grade 11 students in the next two weeks regarding next steps. Please note:

Grade 12 students do not have to complete Capstone, as they completed Graduation Transitions last year, so there’s no Career Education work for these students.

Grade 11 students please note that you should still be completing required work in preparation for meeting timelines for your Capstone for next year. You were given the Capstone Action/Learning Log assignment and the first entry is due on April 9th. This was assigned during previous LET day time, so all grade 11s should be aware of this assignment (see info on our McRoberts website by selecting the Student Top Tab  Career Education Sub Tab  Grade 11 Learning Log Template 2020). As is indicated on the Capstone Timeline for Grade 11s, we also plan to conduct Interviews for your Capstone “Pitch” or proposal before the end of this year (see info on our McRoberts website by selecting the Student Top Tab  Career Education Sub Tab  Capstone Timeline). We are still working on the plan for this piece given the present learning situation and more information will be provided soon.

Grade 8-10 students do not have any Career Education work at this time but we will be in contact in the coming weeks.

Please contact Ms. Charlton via email ( if you have any further questions.



Friday April 9, 2020

Im not sure if this is happening to anybody else, but for me my notification bell just disappeared at the top bar as I cannot see if I received any new assignments or homework. I had to ask one of my friends if there was homework for a certain subject as there was but I did not receive any notification with the bell vanished. 

Another problem is that my profile picture has been changing every single time I go onto the home screen where it lists all your classes as if someone hacked into my account and changed it. However when I click on "My Portfolio" or any of my listed classes, my profile picture is the one that I actually took myself and set and saved as you click on your name at the top and then click "About Me" where you can upload any picture you want for everyone to see. Any problems to remedy this?

Thanks and I hope you are all safe and well!

We received an answer for this question from District Support: The notifications bell was taken off when they were trying to speed up the portal last week. Scholantis has said they will be putting it back but not right away until they are sure this was not part of the problem that slowed down the Portal on Monday and Tuesday. As for the profile picture, I am not sure if this is connected to the notifications now that it is possible that this is part of the troubleshooting that they did during the week. Also, the announcements panel on the portal site has disappeared and was part of this troubleshooting process.


Wednesday April 8, 2020 

How do I find the Scholantis Portal (aka Scholantis).


Tuesday April 7, 2020 

I used the same username and password as yesterday. But it doesn't work this afternoon.

  • Not sure if this is the case in your situation, but if you requested a password reset and then remembered your password, you may have gotten in but now cannot.  The reason for this (if this is the situation in your context) is that even though you remembered, the request to reset your password has been completed.  As a result, you will need to use the instructions provided (once we have received the reset notification we send it out to the student) to reset your password again.  If this is not the case, please contact the school and we will try to troubleshoot.


How will we be marked? Will there be a term 3 report card?

  • Though we have not received the framework for assessment during the Continuity of Learning, we know that this should be provided to schools shortly.  We have been told that work done through the Continuity of Learning will be assessed and students will receive a term three mark as well as a final mark.  


Will all classes be continuing? Or only academics/essential courses?

  • At this time, our hope is to have all teachers provide learning opportunities during the Continuity of Learning.  



Monday April 6, 2020 (from recent website post and letter sent)

Is the Scholantis Portal same as the MyEd Student Portal?

  • No.  We are coming to understand that this may be the cause of some of the problems with logging in.  Thus, for now (and in the future), we will do our best to refer to the Scholantis Portal as “Scholantis” and the MyEd Portal as the “MyEd Portal.”
  • To access Scholantis, the url is


When should my son/daughter hear from their teachers?

  • Your son/daughter should have been contacted by each of their teachers by 3:00pm today (Monday, April 6th).  Students should have received an email either directly from their teacher’s email or through the Portal with the contact information we currently have.  They have been asked to respond either via direct email or through the Student Portal with a “Check-In” assignment and given access issues to Scholantis, we are asking for responses no later than Wednesday, April 8th at 3:00pm. Please note, teachers will not be responding to questions in this email; the purpose of initial contact is simply to ensure we have accurate records prior to initiating the Continuity of Learning.


When does Continuity of Learning begin?

  • Once teachers have all their students’ information, they will begin to contact students with first steps in their Continuity of Learning.  This may take place in a staggered way, and not all teachers will contact students at the exact same time.  This should take place by Tuesday, April 14th @ 3:00pm at the latest.  In the meantime, students are asked to check the portal daily as of Thursday, April 9th, in case some classes begin prior to the April 14th deadline.


What if my child can’t access the portal?

  • If your child cannot access the portal, do not call the school.  Please go to the following link and fill out the form at:
  • IMPORTANT:  If you have already filled out this form DO NOT fill it out again and resubmit it.  Each form creates a work order for the IT department, and multiple forms slow down the system considerably.  Please be patient as this will take some time.  You will likely have to wait a few days before hearing a response.  See question below.


I’ve completed the form but haven’t had any response. 

  • Please DO NOT fill out the form more than once if you do not hear back right away.  It could take up to 48 to 72 hours (though the hope is to be less) before hearing a response, which will be via email. 


Monday April 6, 2020

Will this (Term Three - Continuity of Learning) be an opportunity to improve my grades?

  • Though we have not gotten clarification about assessment, we have been told that the Continuity of Learning, while not being an attempt to complete courses (or even to cover what is expected in a term) will have work collected and assessed and this assessment will have bearing on the term three and ultimate final mark for student.  Once we hear more from the Ministry and our District, we will update this.


Sunday April 5, 2020

When is online school actually starting?

  • Schools have been asked to begin the Continuity of Learning by mid-April.  Though it may seem relatively straight forward, this is a significant shift in what teachers traditionally do and it has and will take a bit of time to make the adjustment.  Our hope is for teachers who are ready to possibly begin to connect and start this process by the middle of this week (April 8th or 9th).  As we are following our Block Schedule as published in the calendar, teachers will be using this as a guide for their instruction.  Please note, this will not be linked to the time of each block, only the day in which the class falls.


Will Continuity of Learning be the same as if we are in school?

  • The short answer to this question is "No."  The guidelines for Continuity of Learning are for teachers to identify what is important and work within the framework of a maximum of 45 minutes per class (with a total of 3 hours per day) using the current Day One/Day Two rotation as a guide for what days courses are being offered.  In this time and working within our current context, there is no expectations teachers will be able to "complete" courses.  Instead, the expectation of the Continuity of Learning is that teachers will work collectively or with departments to determine what is most essential of the learning that could be provided.  
  • Some teachers may be providing longer term work which can be divided over a few classes while others may be providing mini lessons and/or activities for students to work on each day students have that course.  Much more detail will be provided by teachers to their students.
  • Our hope is once we start, the question of what and how will become clearer when students see actual examples.


Saturday April 4, 2020

How do you schedule an appointment to pick up items from a students locker?

  • We had sent out an email to all families letting them know that we would invite students into the school by appointment Monday to Thursday April 6-8th.  Sorry if you missed this email.  If your son/daughter still requires something essential, we would ask you to email with this request.  We will do our best to schedule into a slot this upcoming week.


Are we going to be using some sort of app to be in a call with our classes and so we can communicate with our teachers?

  • By Monday April 6th, teachers will have reached out with you via email.  Teachers who have been using Moodle or MyBlueprint as a platform will likely continue (as they and their students are familiar with this).  Other teachers will communicate primarily through email.  The majority of teachers will be using Scholantis Portal.  On the website, there is a "Continuity of Learning" Tab.  Under this tab, students who need help getting into their Portal account, can receive information to help.