Welcome McRoberts Grads of 2025








Welcome to McRoberts Grads of 2025



As we could not have our regular “Grade 7 Day,” to officially welcome our newest students, we hope that we can provide some of the important information in this way.  While this cannot replace our formal welcome, we will do our best to make up for this when we do get a chance to meet in the fall.


Also, though there still exists a lot of uncertainty about what September will look like here in B.C. Schools (and thus here at McRoberts), our current planning is “business-as-usual.”  We do anticipate that we will need to be flexible in our planning and thus, we hope you will be patient as we will be quick to respond as needed.


Below, please find some useful information that will help you to plan your journey from Grade 7 to Grade 8.  Please know there will be a lot of us to help guide this journey.  Between students and staff, we hope that all of your questions will be answered in the few short days at the beginning of school.


A Welcome from our Student Mentors

We know you may have some questions about life at high school and what McRoberts will be like, please know there are a lot of people (staff and students) that will be here to answer your questions.   We have been working with your current schools since early in January to try our best to smooth this process out.  Your transition to high school does not, however, end in September.  We are very fortunate to have a very large group of Student Mentors who work hand-in-hand with the school to support transition.  As we will be unable to have a grade 8 camp this upcoming year, plans have already began to come up with other ways to make your first year at our school as special as we can.


Speaking of the mentoring group, some of our mentors have worked on putting this video welcome/introduction together.  Hopefully this, along with the information below, will begin to answer some of the questions you may have about life here at McRoberts.






A Dual Track School - Welcome to our French Immersion Students

For those who will be joining our French Immersion Program, below is a short pamplet created by one of our students designed to provide incoming students an overview.






Be Prepared for a "Different Start Up"

Though likely you will not be surprised, as mentioned above, we really do not know what September will look like in schools.  Though your year end was very different than what I am sure you expected, at this time we really do not know what your grade 8 start up will look like.  Though we are planning as if it will be a "normal" start up to the new year, we are predicting it will not be.  Our commitment, however, is to make the best start up for you regardless of whatever situation we face.


Your First Day of High School – Tuesday, September 8, 2020



We hope your first day of high school is exciting, positive and enjoyable! To be best prepared for your first day, make sure that you check the school website at the end of August. On the Friday before school starts, you will find your name posted on a list outside of the school doors and it will tell you what HOMEROOM you are in. Grade 8s will go to the gym first on this day and be welcomed by student leaders.  After the welcome activities in the gym you will go to your Homeroom where you will get even more information that will aid in your official start to our school.



Your Locker and Your Agenda Booklet


During your first Homeroom, you will be assigned a locker and a lock. Your locker is safe, but we recommend that students not leave really valuable items in your locker. 


Learning how to use a combination lock can be tricky – but with some practice, you will soon become an expert!  We suggest that you NEVER share your locker combination with ANYONE!  We pride ourselves on having an awesome community of learners here at McRoberts – but as the saying goes – it is better to be safe than sorry! 


You will also get your own McRoberts Agenda Booklet on the first day. This is a great tool to record your timetable, keep track of homework, and know all the McRoberts important dates and events in advance. The first section contains all McRoberts expectations, rules and all kinds of helpful info about our school! Also, be sure to write your full name and homeroom number on page 1.  (Please note: this year we will also be introducing an electronic Agenda which can be accessed on a mobile device.  While all grade 8’s will be provided a paper version as well, some may wish to explore this e-version of the agenda.)


What Will the Rest of the First week Look Like?


The first FULL day of school starts at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, September 9. We will start the day with homeroom every day for the first week to give everyone the chance to hand in forms and fees.   Once the first week is over, we will only have short Homerooms a few times during the year to distribute important information.


What Will I Need For Class?


The first day in all your classes will be a welcome and introduction to the course and the teacher. You will get a course outline that describes what you will learn and do in the class, the expectations of the teacher and any supplies you will need. Listen to each teacher as they may have specific requirements for class materials, but here some helpful suggestions for Grade 8s:

  • Use separate binders with dividers for each “core” subject such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies & French (unless otherwise requested by the teacher) and LOTS of lined paper!
  • Have a pencil case with pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, a ruler, a glue stick, and post-it/sticky notes. 
  • Bring your Agenda booklet to your classes as your teachers may require you to record due dates and other information. You will receive this in Homeroom the first day.
  • Have PE strip – for hygiene reasons, you should change from your school clothes into shorts or sweats and a t-shirt/hoodie and running shoes on the days you have for P.E. It is a very good idea to take your PE strip home regularly to be washed too!
  • Always use your first and last name – and write this on your pencil case, your Agenda booklet and everything you hand in to the office and all of the work you hand in to your teachers.



If I have questions, who do I ask?


This is a good question.  The answer is that it depends.  To be fair, you are able to ask anyone any of your questions - whether it is someone on staff, one of the students mentors, or anyone else in the school.  We pride ourself on being a warm welcoming community.  If people do not know the answer, hopefully they can direct you to the right person.  


One group of staff that are very helpful that we will encourage all of our new students to meet are our counsellors.  Unlike in elementary school, our three counsellors are here daily.  They are the go to people for many things (as listed below).  Even if you have concerns that are not on the list, these are amazing people for you to connect with.





Other F.A.Q.s – Frequently Asked Questions (from Grade 8’s)

Q. What is the staff like at McRoberts?

A. While like you, each of our staff members may have different teaching styles and personalities, our hope is that you will quickly see that all staff care about you and want you to be successful at McRoberts.


Q. How can I ask for help from my teachers?

A. Teachers will explain when they are available outside of class, but you can always speak to your teachers during class or just before or after class. Teachers also have email addresses posted on the school website if you or your parents want to ask a question about school or request a meeting.


Q. Will I get a lot of homework?

A. Homework is a part of life in high school. It will vary from teacher to teacher and generally increase as you move from Grade 8 to Grade 12.   The important thing is to stay on top of what you need to do, and finish it in a timely manner (stay organized and use your agenda) and if you do this, you will manage all your homework just fine. Also, if you use class time wisely, you will have a lot less homework!


Q. Can I change my courses?

A. Grade 8s have similar schedules and rarely need to change their timetables. If you have a question or concern about your timetable (or there is an error – for example, you seem to have Math 12), you will need to see your counsellor and they will help you.


Q. Will I have lots of tests and exams?

A. Just like elementary school, McRoberts teachers will use a variety of formative and summative assessment formats to assess what you know, understand and can do (e.g. creating and answering questions, doing projects, presentations, posters, charts, paragraphs, role plays and quizzes and tests). Teachers will clearly explain the criteria before you begin and you will know all test and due dates ahead of time and be given opportunities to review.


Q. Will I make any friends?

A. Making friends is one of the most rewarding parts of high school. At first, you will be meeting many new people and it can feel a little overwhelming. Try saying hello, socializing between classes, joining a club or team, and being a part of the McRoberts community as these will be your best way to find others with similar interests. 


Q. Where do I eat lunch?

A. Most students bring lunch from home and find a place in the school where they and their friends like to eat. We have many tables and benches for students, but you will often see students eating in front of their lockers or outside when the weather is nice.


Q. Can I ride my bike or skateboard to school?

A. Yes, you can. We ask you to be safe and, if riding your bike or boarding, wear a helmet and follow the laws of the road. If boarding or rollerblading, be careful around traffic and other pedestrians and do not board or blade inside the school! As you would anywhere else, it is very important to lock your bike with a high-quality lock.


Q. How can I join a sports team/club?

A. We want every McRoberts student to feel that they belong to our school. The best way to do this is to join a positive group, club or team. Near the end of September, we will have a "Clubs Day" where all clubs gather and set up tables at lunch. Students can walk around and see what’s available and what they would like to sign up for.  We have dozens of clubs to choose from, and there's always at least one club out there for everyone. For McRoberts sports, there will be a sign-up and many announcements saying when there will be try-outs or open gyms, so you will always be notified when tryouts are for all teams and sports!



A Sneak Peak into the McRoberts World: Videos of the Months


Since you cannot come to visit McRoberts, perhaps there is a way to get a bit more insight into some of the activities that take place here at McRoberts.  


Each month (prior to the recent suspension of in-class instruction), we post a video of some of the things that happen within that month.  Each month is a little bit different.  Hopefully you can get a head start into the interesting things that happen here at McRoberts by watching one (or more) of these monthly videos.


Below is the last Video of the Month published prior to our suspension of school.  (Maybe not the best one to show but it is the last one posted).  



If you want to see other Videos of the Month, they can be found unter the “School and District News” top tab of our website or you can find the videos by clicking this link.



Our School Website


You know these students are reviewing what is on our website....




The McRoberts website is an essential tool for students and parents.  Whether it is important announcements, the Weekly Newsletter, or the Monthly Video, we are thoughtful about what we post.  While we want you to visit our website often, we would rather post only when there is something we wish to have students and parents to take note of.  If you have not done so, please check out our website.  There are many tabs with a lot of important information that students and parents may find helpful.  Our website can be found here: https://mcroberts.sd38.bc.ca.


Some Keys for Success

Though there are a lot of things you can do to ensure your success, the reality, is that the keys for success are very simple.


We advise students that it is 'How you “ACT” that will determine your success.'  The ACT is a symbol acronym to help you remember three simple things:

  • A- Attend:  You need to come to school regularly and on time to be truly successful in school.  While there may be occasions that prevent you from being at school, our hope is that you will for the most part be on time and ready to learn. 
  • C - Cooperate: For schools to function well, each within the school must cooperate.  There are rules in place to ensure that things are fair and orderly.  Cooperation is based on the simple principle of respect.  Treating others the way you wish to be treated is a simple reminder for what we expect from all people (students and staff) at McRoberts.
  • T - Try: Perhaps the simplest idea but sometimes the most difficult to make happen.  When asked how to be successful in high school, we simply ask our students to try their very best.  The best measure of success is to simply to be able to say that you have tried the best you can.



That is all for now.  Though there may be a lot of information, like all learning, you may wish to review this in "chunks."  


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Again, the start of next year may be a bit different, but our commitment to you is to make sure that regardless of the start up, we will work hard to ensure that you transition to McRoberts is as smooth as can be.


Have a great summer.  We will see you soon!  In the meantime, be safe and be well.