Strikers Weekly - Week of September 20, 2020









Week one of the first quarter is done.  The rest will go by quickly.  Hopefully by now, most students are settled into their classes and are starting to find the new routine of this quarter model.




Ms. Miller's Art Careers and AP Art Students are back at work.  Thanks Ms. Miller for the photos.




From Our Recent Mailout


Though we are reluctant to repeat information shared via direct email, in light of the imporance of many of the items, we have decided to include this again here.  



Bell Schedule

We are trying out a one bell only system this quarter.  Given the staggered start and end times to all our classes, it was thought that multiple bells could be not only confusing, but also distracting.  As such, we have one warning bell five minutes prior to the end of lunch for our grade 8s and 9s. Classes all begin and end according to our published schedule, and students are asked to know their schedule, and to be on time, as any loss of instructional time during a quarter system can be detrimental to student learning and progress.  


Physical Distancing

After our first week our students are settling in nicely.  A big thank you to our grade 10 - 12 students for respecting the need to be off-campus during lunch hour.  This has allowed us to keep our shared space manageable and safe during non-instructional time.  For grade 8s and 9s at lunch, the school has designated cohort and out-of-cohort areas for students to enjoy lunch with their peers. We have taken the time to visit classrooms this week, to remind students of the different areas of the school and the protocols around physical distancing during lunch hour.  This week we also had our student mentors help supervise during lunch hour to remind students to stay safe, while starting to make connections with our younger students. 

While we have staggered end-of-day times, we are still finding that there are a number of students waiting outside the school well after the 2:50pm end time for grade 8 and 9 students.  This is particularly concerning when the senior students exit the school at 3:00pm and there are still groups of students in front of the school.  As most of the students waiting outside are waiting for parents to pick them up, we ask that parents who drive their children to and from school assist us in reducing the number of students waiting after school by picking up their teens promptly, or by planning an alternate pick up location nearby.  

We ask parents to help support us in keeping the school safe by please reminding their sons and daughters of the importance of physical distancing both within and outside of cohorts, especially at lunch and before and after school. 


Mandatory Daily Health Declaration Process

Attached, please find the updated Mandatory Daily Health Declaration Process for Staff and Students.  Please take the time to review this with your teen and ensure that you are also familiar with the required protocols.  While we enter cold and flu season, it is especially important that you do not send your son or daughter to school if they are ill. In particular, if they are experiencing any of the key symptoms of illness listed on the Health Declaration, it is essential that they follow the process and do not come to school until the process has been followed through.  If, at any time, you are unsure of the process or whether or not your son or daughter should attend school for that day, please contact us by phone or email before sending your child to school.  If your child is ill, please have them contact their teacher for missed work so that they do not fall behind.  If we all work together, we can keep the school community a safe and healthy place of learning. 


Timetables Finalized

We are now finalizing any timetable change requests (corrections).  As mentioned before, with the difficulty of maintaining cohorts, class size limitations, and being a full school, we have not been able to accommodate all change requests.  Please know that where possible, changes were made.


PAC Meeting this Week

Wednesday September 23rd, PAC (Parent Advisory Council) will be hosting this year’s first meeting of the year.  All parents are welcome to join.  Our PAC Chair will be sending out a Zoom link which we will email out to parents.


Meet the Teacher Night and Post-Secondary Information Night Postponed

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone both our Meet the Teacher Night and our Post-Secondary Information Events.  As neither events could happen as has traditionally, we are in the process of creating alternate plans to provide the same important information.  More to come on this shortly.


MyEd Student Accounts and Parent Accounts

While we have worked to prepare a new timetable for our students, the MyEd student and parent accounts have been temporarily disabled, which means that you cannot access these accounts. We are in the process of having these accounts reactivated now that the timetable is complete. We will inform students and parents early next week when accounts are available.


MS Teams Accounts

Last week our school district sent all students an email with new MS Teams account information. Some students have experienced difficulty accessing their account, or they have issues once they’re in their account.  Additionally, some students did not receive the initial email. Students who are experiencing any of these issues are asked to come to the main office to fill out a form with their information and we will update accounts ASAP.



Game of Apps

Calling all students—learn how to build a mobile app directly from professional developers and designers working in local tech companies. Check out Game of Apps, This is an online, full-year extra-curricular program where students form teams to compete against other high schools in BC. No prior experience is necessary. Both tech- and non-tech students are encouraged to join as the program focuses on both Development and Design and intends to show students of all backgrounds that a future career in tech might be a viable option. The Richmond School District is subsidizing 50% of the fee for up to 100 students. Get more details or sign up for an info session at



YWCA High School Mentorship Program

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email here.  






For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:


This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.