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Parking Lot Safety

Reminder to parents and students that our parking lot is busy in the mornings and at the end of the day. In order to keep our students and staff safe please be patient as you wait to drop off students. Parents should be waiting in line until they are parked beside the sidewalk directly in front of the building to safely unload their passengers. Please note that students should not be dropped off in the middle of the parking lot, where other vehicles are moving and creating an unsafe situation for the student.


In addition, parents should not be driving around the back of the school for drop off, as public vehicles should not access this area. Drop-offs should take place at the front of the school only. Thank you for keeping our school community safe.


Health and Safety

As we enter flu season, it is more important than ever for each of us to do our part to make sure the school community is healthy and safe.  Please remember to have your children do the Mandatory Daily Health Declaration each morning before coming to school.  If they answer "Yes" to any one of the symptoms they should stay home for 24 hours from when the symptoms started.  If the symptoms improve, they may return to school when they fell well enough.  If symptoms persist or worsen, they should seek a health assessment.  If they answer "Yes" to two or more symptoms, they should contact 811 or their family physician for an assessment. Please also contact the school for any questions or guidance.


Please also remind your children of the importance of physical distancing when out of cohort, either at lunch or after school.  Our noon hour supervisors, student mentors and admin team circulate regularly at lunch hour to help maintain physical distancing, and your support with reminders at home is much appreciated.



Grade 11 Parents - Graduation Assessments

Due to school closures last spring, this year's grade 11 class did not write the required Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment.  We have scheduled this exam for the grade 11 students in November.  More information can be found on the school website.


October and November Calendar Updates

A reminder that with the number of changes anticipated each month, the school calendar will be updated monthly.  Please see the school website for the most current version, including reporting dates for Quarter 1.  For convenience for thos printing calendars, we have attached the most up-to-date October and November calendars.





MyEducation BC Parent Portal

MyEducation BC Parent Portal


In preparation for our first Quarter reporting period (report cards will be posted on November 25th), it is important that we confirm that all parents have access to your MyEd Parent Portal account. This account allows parents and/or guardians to access attendance, term grades, and other information about their child(ren).


If you already have a parent account, we encourage you to login as soon as possible to confirm that you are still able to access your account.

Parents who are new to McRoberts should have received an email message from with your login ID and a temporary password. 

Each parent/guardian has their own separate account.  You will need to log into the account in order to update your password and gain access to website.  Please follow the instructions outlined in the email to login to your account:

  1. Visit
  2. Make sure popups are enabled for your browser.
  3. Your user name will be: _________.
  4. Your temporary password will be: __________.

NOTE:  Both user name and password are case sensitive.

  1. Enter your user name and password then click “Log On” to access the system.  You will be prompted to change your password, and fill out some information so that in the future you can click “I forgot my password” to receive a new password.

See the detailed user instructions on our McRoberts website Here for information on password reset and recovery, and navigation of MyEd Parent acounts.

Account Problems?

Please contact the school by sending an email to  In the subject line, please put MyEd Parent Account, and in the message include the following:  Login ID, Parent/Guardian Name, a brief description of your account issue.

Thank you.



Video of the Month - Returning in October

September got busy.  As a result, we were not able to film and produce a September Video of the Month.  Video of the Month will return in October (each monthly video will be published on the first Friday after the end of each month).



Clubs Day is Coming

Though the format will be different, STUCO is currently working on plans for a Club Day, later this month.  More information to come.  If you have an interest in starting a club this year, please see Mr. Kamide.



Bringing the World into the Classroom


Students in Mme. Martin's class had a chance to listen to an invited guest.  Though not physically present, Mme. Martin's students had a chance to hear first hand information about the role of a journalism via Zoom.




Young B.C. lawyer hopes to inspire others

Former McRoberts Student making history.


From the Vancouver Sun:


She’s only 23 but Hermanie Chiong is already being called to the bar in B.C.


VANCOUVER, Hermanie Chiong is the youngest in BC ever called to the bar... she might not be the youngest, but at 23, she is definitely one of the youngest...............(Photo credit: Francis Georgian / Postmedia) , Vancouver. VancouvrReporter: ,  ( Francis Georgian   /  PNG staff [PNG Merlin Archive]

Hermanie Chiong, 23, may be the youngest lawyer ever called to the bar in B.C. She is currently articling with Kazlaw Personal Injury Lawyers.  PHOTO BY FRANCIS GEORGIAN /PNG

At 23, Hermanie Chiong may be the youngest lawyer ever called to the bar in B.C. — the Law Society of B.C. doesn’t keep those stats — but she is one of the most passionate, and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Chiong, who was the youngest in her B.C. bar exam qualification course, will be called to the bar on Oct. 5. It’s the latest achievement for a young woman whose stacked resume includes a scholarship from England’s Oxford University, where she got her law degree, and the Governor General’s Academic Medal for graduating as the top high school student in Canada, as well as perfect scores in both of the mandatory provincial exams.

Chiong grew up in Richmond and remembers fighting for justice as a kid, even when it got her in trouble.

“I always wanted to make things fair and right, and as a kid I got in trouble for speaking up in defence of others. I remember another one of my classmates wanted to hit another child and I grabbed her hand to stop her. It looked like we were fighting so I got in trouble,” said Chiong, who is articling with Kazlaw Personal Injury Lawyers.

“I had the impulse to intervene and it’s the same impulse and motivation I have today helping others.”

Chiong went to McRoberts Secondary in Richmond, and then directly into the jurisprudence program at Oxford.

“I decided to study abroad — the main reason was to broaden my horizons. Exposure to other cultures, the good, the bad and the ugly is important. It helped me figure out how I wanted to contribute to society.”

Although she describes Oxford’s tutorial-style teaching system, in which she had to grapple with matters of jurisprudence in one-on-one sessions with experts, as “daunting” she admits that “it was also the best learning experience.”

At Oxford, Chiong discovered she was deeply interested in the people, and tort law.

“The meaning of tort is ‘a wrong’ and tort law is about making things right for victims by putting them back where they were if the accident had not happened. Anyone can be injured and everyone deserves fair compensation.”

Chiong says she gets a sense of purpose knowing she is helping people who might not otherwise get what they deserve.

She hopes to stay with Kazlaw, which specializes in civil litigation, complex personal injury, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, assault including sexual assault and class actions.

The hours a lawyer logs are long, and when a trial is upcoming, working weekends is part of the deal. But Chiong said justice brings its own rewards.

“What gives most of us the greatest sense of achievement is having justice rendered, and in common law every decision has a ripple effect that can benefit many including people you never meet.”

For young people who might be considering what to do with their futures, Chiong says the most important thing is to have an open mind.

“Be open to new ideas, advice and change. There is no single right destination and no single right way to get there.”



YMCA High School Mentorship Progam


Are you a grade 11 or 12 student and are considering your CAREER choices? If so, then the YWCA HIGH SCHOOL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM might be right for you!

The YWCA High School Mentorship Program matches young women, non-binary and trans youth with volunteer graduates and professionals in career and education fields that interests them for one-to-one mentoring. 

If you would to learn more about this program email Sarina here.






Week Oct 5 – 9, 2020

For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:*Note:  due to the current Covid 19 situation be sure to check post-secondary/email accounts/websites for any updates. Contact Post-Secondary Institutions directly with questions regarding your application/offer and they will best advise you.

Sept 24 UBC Application Portal Opened

Oct 1    SFU Application Portal Opens. Apply via EducationPlannerBC

Oct1     Douglas College Applications Open. Apply via EducationPlannerBC

Oct1     Langara College Applications Open. Apply via EducationPlannerBC

Oct1     KPU Applications Open. Apply via EducationPlannerBC

Oct1     BCIT - most applications open - varies - check and apply directly via BCIT website

Oct 3    Saturday University of Waterloo Virtual Fair 5am-pm

Oct 3    Saturday UWindsor's Virtual Open Day 8 am-12 pm

Oct 3   Saturday KPU Virtual Online Open House 12-2pm

Oct 5   UBC Online Virtual Event12-1pm

Oct 5    University of Toronto Online Virtual Event

Oct 6-8 BCIT Big Info Virtual Information Events 4–8pm

Oct 6    CUE Canadian Universities Virtual Event 10AM-2PM Pacific Time

Oct 7    Western U Online Virtual Presentation Events – see upcoming dates

Oct 8    CUE Canadian Universities Virtual Event

For the latest post-secondary, events and scholarship information, *Follow Ms. Millar’s face book page to receive notifications as soon as new information comes in!

See the Career Centre Website and Calendar for date-specific post-secondary, events, and scholarship information:

This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.