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Welcome to Quarter Two.






Amazing art by Alex C.  Thanks to Ms. Miller for the photos.





Hughmanitarian Club Recognizing the Work of our Custodial Staff

It is a big job.  Keeping the school clean and safe for all that attend.  The Hughmanatarian Club wanted to say thanks.  With the help of a survey to get input from students, the messages were transfered onto a giant card.  It is sometimes a thankless job full of difficult tasks.  Our custodial team, however, keeps hard at work and demonstrates every day how much they care about the people in our school.



Dry After Grad Fundraising



Convergence - First Speaker November 24th at 3:30 via Zoom


Just a reminder...


Looking for Direction or Clarification on your planned Direction?


Choosing what to do after high school can be overwhelming. How do you decide on what you like if you barely know what is out there? Created by McRoberts and SLSS alumni who were just like you, Convergence aims to bring passionate community members to high school students through monthly speaker series, Instagram features, mentorship opportunities and more! Through Convergence, you can peer into the unfiltered lives of people in acting to medicine, gain insight on personal journeys, and receive genuine advice on how to pursue similar passions.


Follow our IG @convergencecommitteebc to join our community and keep updated! :)



First Speaker – November 24, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm


Andrea Welling - Futurpreneur Canada



In March 2019, Andrea joined Futurpreneur as the Regional Director for BC & Yukon.


For 7.5 years prior she worked at the YMCA where she managed EI Self Employment programs in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and the Kootenays.  


Andrea has a BA in Political Science and Business from the University of Calgary and a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University. The Master’s thesis focused on food security, local economic development and women in business. 


After completing her master’s degree, Andrea decided to become an entrepreneur and co-founded Ladybug Organics Home Delivery Service in the Fraser Valley.  The experience of being an entrepreneur fuels Andrea’s passion for the work she does today for Futurpreneur Canada.


Some Amazing Poetry

Thanks to Ms. McKenna for sharing a few treasures from her Creative Writing Class.


I want a simple life.


One where I walk to school and join others on their way

One where I knock on my neighbor’s doors and ask their kids to play

One where our closets are refined and don’t need new items everyday


I want a simple life.


A life where I don’t have a million and one distractions:

My eyes glued to screens, each day a stronger attraction

A life where paths are dug, limiting the locations:

No need to contemplate or work out your hesitations


A simple life where growing up doesn’t mean to act twice your age-

Where growing up doesn’t mean to earn a higher wage-

Or where growing up doesn’t mean to die from climate change


I want a simple life.


Where qualities aren’t thrown at us, telling us to act the same

And where appearances aren’t trended, putting other bodies to shame


Just a simple life to live and learn, to love, to share, to be

Because a simple life lets us focus, minds clear like the sea.



What Could've Been - Jayne V.

Do you ever wonder about what could’ve been?

Do you ever wonder why the sun says goodbye

When the moon says hello,

Even though they’re connected

By the same path?

I wonder about us.

How our bodies molded together

Like they were made for each other,

And how my name on your lips

Felt like a promise

That you were never able to keep.

I wonder

that if my mind was sane

And my body was whole,

You might’ve stayed a little longer.

I wonder

If the universe brought us together

So I could feel the pain of loving you,

In order to love myself.

I wonder

If you’re the sun

And I’m the moon.

Cause you see,

My mind is an oblivion

Of dreams

I’ll never be able to live,

And nightmares

That I can’t seem to escape.

And in that oblivion,

I wonder

If you’re a dream

Or a nightmare.

In that oblivion,

I wonder

If we could’ve been...



Villanelle Muscarine - by Angelina


It looked like a heart, a little bit,

Innocent white thread on flesh sanguine red,

But that’s something I oughtn't admit.


It was a mushroom I found, in greenspace sunlit;

Though some villain had kicked it, knocked it on its head--

It looked like my heart, a little bit.


I took it home, gave it a safe place to sit,

Its own special shelf, and tucked gently in bed.

But that’s something I oughtn’t admit.


Since then, I did my best to commit

Treated it warmly (too warmly, they said.)

It worked like my heart, a little bit. 


It would have been smartest to quit

Before I smothered it, burned it up dead--

But that’s something I don’t want to admit.


By accident, of course, “someone” cremated it,

Left the heater on and it withered dried shredded,

It looks like my heart, a little bit,

But that’s something I’m too scared to admit.


Upcoming South Arm Community Centre Programs 


Starting back up with strict safety guidelines, South Arm Community Centre presents: 









For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:


Week November 23 - 27, 2020

*Note:  due to the current Covid19 situation be sure to check post-secondary/email accounts/websites often for any updates. Contact Post-Secondary Institutions directly with questions regarding your application/offer and they will best advise you.

Reminders Among Post-Secondary Institutions Accepting Applications:

Sep 24   UBC Application Portal Opened

Oct 1     SFU Application Portal Opens. Apply via

Oct 1     Douglas College Applications Open. Apply via

Oct 1     Langara College Applications Open. Apply via

Oct 1     KPU Applications Open. Apply via

Oct 1     BCIT-most applications open-varies-check and apply directly via BCIT Website


NOV 23 EXPLORE SFU Faculty of Education Online Information Sessions 
Want to learn about specific faculties and programs? Join the Explore SFU series! Each session will provide an overview of SFU, admission requirements, and feature a different faculty each week through the Fall! There will be a Q&A portion within the sessions for you to ask questions



NOV 24 5 - 6 pm  SFU Faculty of Education Information Session Register: NOV 24 6pm - 7:30pm UBC Online Information Session: Entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy (Vancouver) Register:


NOV 24 6 pm - 7:30 pm UBC I​NFO SESSION: Entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy (Vancouver)

Learn about the program, admission requirements, and the application process. Register:


​NOV 24/20 USASK Express 4:30-6:30 pm PST  The event on each day includes: Application workshops, where students and USask Reps will go over the application process step by step, programs, admissions, scholarships, residences and a drop-in Q&A. Register:


NOV 24/20 Discover UVic 4 pm - 5 pm Learn what it really means to be a UVic student

Learn more about UVic’s programs, admission requirements, application process, scholarships and more. Register:


NOV 25 at 6:30 pm Richmond SD38 Career Programs Online Information Session for Parents

Hosted by Terri Lockhart – Coordinator, SD 38 Career Programs. Topic: 14 apprenticeship training programs that senior students can start while in high school. Tuition is covered and students graduate with employable skills immediately upon completion. An overview will be given of the SD38 Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades programs and how to apply for these. 3 repeating session times Option 1: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 06:30 PM Option 2: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 06:30 PM, Option 3: Thursday, February 18, 2021 06:30 PM. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 619 4912 1628 Passcode: 235401


NOV 25 9:30 am – 12:30 pm SheBiz Virtual Event

Have you been thinking about studying Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics after high school but are not sure where to start? Register:


NOV 25 BCIT Electrical Foundation Information Session

Information on program, admission requirements and the application session. Ask questions.



NOV 26 BCIT Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Programs Information Session

Information on program, admission requirements and the application session. Ask questions. Register:



NOV 25 University of Warwick, UK Informal Chats 5am-12pm for Student and Parents

interested in learning about studying in the UK and at Warwick. For details and to register:


NOV 26 7 pm Western U How to navigate the OUAC 105 Application’ (for BC students) Information Session Register:


NOV 26 Langara's Studio 58 Acting program and Production Program Information Sessions


NOV 26 5:30pm - 7:30pm PST University of Calgary Awards Application Info Session for Prospective Students

Prospective applicants will receive a walkthrough of the Undergraduate Awards application, how to complete the application, and what selection committees are looking for when reviewing an application for the Prestige Awards. To register:


NOV 28/20 1-2 pm Grades 10-12 WIN BIG WITH PYTHON This workshop will introduce students to basic programming using python through exciting hands-on activities led by two Geering Up Instructors. If still accepting, email or phone 604 370 6111 for virtual online zoom link.​


For the latest post-secondary, events and scholarship information, *Follow Ms. Millar’s face book page to receive notifications as soon as new information comes in!

See the Career Centre Website and Calendar for date-specific post-secondary, events, and scholarship information:



This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.