PAC Roles

PAC Executive 2019-2020

  • Dave Madeira, Chair
  • Sophia Zhang, Vice Chair 
  • Colleen Cheung, Secretary
  • Seema Sandhu, Treasurer 


Please feel free to reach us at any time with your questions, concerns and ideas. 



PAC Roles
The brief descriptions below outline the roles for each position on the PAC.

1.  Chair
     - sets an agenda for each meeting (there will be 8 meetings, each 1-2 hours long)
     - chairs and directs meeting
     - reviews and directs incoming mail

2.  Secretary
     - records minutes of each meeting
     - updates PAC binder of minutes
     - reviews and directs incoming mail

3.  Treasurer
     - maintains and updates records of PAC finances
     - submits application for Direct Access Grant
     - submits gaming account summary report to BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement

4.  Members-at-Large
     - parents who are interested in attending meetings to keep up to date with school events and PAC
     - can assist PAC Executive wherever necessary