Clubs 2020-21




Student Contacts: Emily, Chelsea

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Monette

Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in Room 207

"Student Council is a club run by students for students, composed of an Executive Council with Grade Representatives and the General Council.

The Student Council meets regularly to discuss school policies and plan special events, providing an opportunity for students to gain experience in leadership and in working as part of a team. Student Council members work extra hours on behalf of the students at McRoberts, making sure that their school experience is as interesting and as enjoyable as it can possibly be."


Animal Rescue Club

Student Contact(s): Julie, Casie, Taylor, Maggie

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Doyle

Meetings: Every other Wednesday at lunch in Room 125 (art room).

The McRoberts Animal Rescue Club promotes animal welfare by fundraising for animals who are in need, inviting speakers to present to the club, and volunteering at local shelters. We have sponsored a service dog and named him Striker after our school. Everyone is welcome to join! 


Art Club

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Miller

Student Contact(s): Grace J and Angelina G.

Meetings: Wednesdays after school in room 125.

Art Club 2019/2020 will strive for self-improvement! Not only will we create a winter mural and host art fundraisers, but also continue learn and explore more about art together. With our combined skills and knowledge, we can bring more creativity to the Hugh McRoberts community. 


Business Club

Club Leaders: Sam Zheng, Rodrigo Tiscareno, Qais Alsharif, Ryan Arab

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Ng

Meetings: Tuesday or Wednesday Every Week (Depending on which one is day 1) in Room 203

The McRoberts Business Club educates and covers a variety of business topics such as economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, and among many others. Members of the club will engage in interactive, business-related activities to enforce and strengthen their knowledge in the world of business.


Cancer Awareness Club

Club leaders: Jaimie M, Sydney L, Emily G

Teacher sponsor: Mr. McBurney

The club will be raising cancer awareness by looking through stats as well as trying to get some organizations to come in and discuss the topic as well as ways we can help. We will also be fundraising throughout the year to donate to cancer, including a massive hair donation at the end of the year. 


Catering Club

Student Contact(s): Jelena L, Renee H., Clara H. and Angie S.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Yau

Meetings: TBA

Calling all food-enthusiasts, if you love food then this is the club for you! Catering club consists of a group of students including both beginners and experts interested in providing food services to school events throughout the year! By joining catering club, students can improve their communication skills, expand their knowledge of various food-related subjects such as nutritional facts and values and food preparation skills. Grab your aprons and join catering club today!



Champions of Change Club

Student Contact: Shreyanshi Vala - Email:

Staff Sponsor: Mme Rost-Kamia

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in Mme Rost-kamias room

"The Champions of Change Club is a great way for the McRoberts community to get involved in advocating for equal human rights throughout our school, community, country and, world while gaining volunteer, leadership, and team working skills and opportunities.

We would like to start the initiative of having young leaders in our society help raise awareness about global issues and social injustice such as gender inequality and racial discrimination. Through weekly meetings we will discuss, advocate, and fund-raise as a group towards challenging stigmas and  derogatory beliefs expressed in our communities, while empowering people across the globe.




Chess Club

Student Contacts: Kevin C

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. McBurney

When We Meet: Friday’s at lunch in Room 206

The chess club provides a friendly environment which gives you the opportunity to play chess against other players of the same caliber. Throughout the year, we will talk chess, learn chess, play chess, and possibly hold a tournament!



Climate Action! Club

Student Contact(s): Avery B, (more tba)

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Haigh

Meetings: Fridays at lunch in the library seminar room.

“We are the change. We are now.”

In this club, we are striving to fight against the growing crisis in our world by reducing our carbon footprint. By organizing events we can spread awareness about the climate crisis, and get the scientific knowledge behind the it.


The (Girls) Club 

Staff sponsor: Ms Kugleman

Student contact: Memphis Ellis Meetings: TBA

This club is for girls who need a place to talk, a shoulder to cry on and to get some advice. Whether it's on boys, school, home or even jobs. This club will help girls who need to help get it in a safe environment.

This is a club where there is no one who is wrong or right, we are all here to be supportive and understanding.


Choral Ensemble

Student Contacts: Helen D. and Jina B. 

We are a group of singers who share the same passion: music. If you love music and you love to sing, the Chamber Choir ensemble is the place for you! Enjoy the company of other fellow singers besides expanding your knowledge on music.


The Coin Club

Contact person: John Y, Matthew W

Sponsor teacher: Mr Jonathan Malchy

Meeting time and locations: Portable 3 every Tuesday

This club is where people can collect and/or exchange coins/bills from other countries and territories together. There will be rules and agreements because we are dealing with objects with actual monetary value. We want people to explore different views of other countries and territories, and also improve on their social studies skills(Geography,  History, etc.)The Coins also engages in cross-cultural events. We support understanding and appreciating about culture and history of the world.


Debate Club

Student Contact: Grace Jia

Staff Sponsor: Mrs. McKenna 

Meetings: Every other Tuesday at lunch in room 201

The debate club is a club dedicated to both politics and public speaking. If you want to learn how to debate or plainly just want to improve your argumentative and speaking skills, come to our meetings every other Thursday in room 201!


Drama Club

Student Contact(s): TBA

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Wilson

Meetings: tba

The McRoberts Drama Club is a place for all; whether you have dreams of being in the spotlight or working behind the scenes, we have a place for you! With multiple big events throughout the year such as but not limited to: One Acts, Haunted House, Sketch Theater, and our big Spring Production. We need plenty of hands on stage and off! 


E-Sports Game Club

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Troung

Student Contact(s): Samuel M, Joshua L

Meetings: Thursdays after school in room 221 (Subject to change)

With the new age of media comes brand new ways to experience the world around us. The E-Sports club is trying to encourage more kids to come outside of their comfort zone and talk with others about their interests. Come participate and play with your friends or make new ones! Stay tuned for more coming in the future.


Engineering Club

Student Contact: Erik M., Latif D., Austin C, Ray H.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. S. Looney 

Meetings: Wednesday's after school in the Electronics room

Hey Strikers, are you interested in working with other students and group projects and intrigued by design and building? Do you want to learn more skills related to engineering? Then the Engineering Club is right for you! Projects are planned until the end of the year and new members are always welcome! Meetings are Wednesdays after school in the Electronics room and we are always open for suggestions about possible projects. 


First Responders

Student Contact(s): Cassie H

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Stone-Charlton

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at lunch in the Library Seminar Room

All First Responders have an interest in health care and have completed the Red Cross First Responder with CPR "Health Care Professional" course.  The First Responders have taken the role of providing first aid to students in the school. Students with an interest in the health sciences are encouraged to come to a meeting to learn more about this program and to help volunteer in the community.


Future Healthcare Professionals Club

Student Contact(s): Dichelle C.

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Antipenkova

Meetings: TBA

Future Healthcare Professionals Club is dedicated to supporting students who are interested in the healthcare field. The club aims to prepare and empower members in pursuit of their future professional career. Members are provided with opportunities to learn about different healthcare careers, such as dietitians, occupational therapist, and pharmacist, as well as the healthcare industry as a whole. The club promotes awareness of health-related issues and opportunities in volunteer works. Through Future Healthcare Professionals Club, students can meet like-minded individuals while working towards the highly competitive career goals.  


Health and Wellness Club

Student Contacts: Bessie W. and Rachel W.

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Jones

Meetings: Every other Tuesday - Library Seminar Room

Our goal is to promote positive minds and healthy bodies, in addition to removing the stigma around mental health, especially through familiarization with the topic. Our meetings will touch upon common mental barriers found in students, including stress, exhaustion, and pessimism, and ways to support yourself/others where needed. Events include fundraisers and other special events to promote the positive spirit of McRoberts. Hope to see you all there!


Interact Club

Student Contact: Annie Lai, Tracy Guang

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Chan 

The Interact Club is a club where you are given the opportunity to learn valuable leadership and soft skills. Raise your confidence as a leader as well as ‘interact’ with other youth of the lower mainland. Other key feature is that we are constantly hosting events to give back to the community by donation or fundraising! Come join us at our monthly meetings or feel free to contact one of the student contacts for further information!



Sponsor teacher: Mme. Martin

Student contact(s): Billy D, Caitlyn L, Clara X

When: every other Friday at lunch in room 204

Do you have a dying passion for writing? The Literature Club could be just what you’re looking for. In this club, members will have the opportunity to hone their writing skills, tackling a variety of prompts each month and producing a work with feedback from other fellow members. Come by each month to listen to these students’ amazing stories!


Investment Club

Student Contact(s): Lingjun W

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Howlett

Meetings: Every Monday in the counselling office

When students hear the phrase “investment club,” many are led to believe that we are finance nerds who discuss nothing more than stocks and bonds. That, I can assure you, is not the complete image. Our club’s title does not limit ourselves to a pure discussion of financial matters, though it’s preeminent, instead it will avail to us the essential logical and pragmatic reasoning in our decision making. If you guys have any sort of interest in making yourself more efficient logically, we welcome you to join our meetings Monday in the counselling office.


Meditation Club

Student Contact: TBA

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Matheos

Meetings: TBA

The Meditation Club provides students with mindfulness tools and exercises to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The goal of the club is to teach students how to improve concentration, memory, and emotional health through meditation. During sessions members will actively learn mindfulness tips and interact through various group exercises. New members are always welcome!


Model UN

Student Contact: Billy D

Meetings: Thursdays at Lunch in Room 209

Staff Sponsor: Mme Rost-Komiya

The Model United Nations club allows students to enhance their skills in debate and diplomacy by role-playing delegates to the United Nations (UN) and simulating UN committee. Through the club, students will also have the opportunity to apply their skills at local weekend Model UN conferences attended by students from across the country and around the world. Not only do conferences allow students to showcase their skills on a larger stage but they will also have the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded students and form meaningful life-long friendships.   


Multicultural Club

Staff Sponsor: Ms Yajima

Student contact(s): Tara Y

Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in room 223

Welcome to the McRoberts Multicultural Club! Today's generation is filled with an impressive amount of diversity and this club is all about embracing and accepting it.  The bubble tea sale is our most popular fundraiser however we still do much more. Come and join for a fun time, new members are always welcome.


MyEarthYourEarth Club

Staff Sponsor: Mrs. Stashuk

Student Contact(s): Abbas B, Hasan M

Meetings: Fridays at lunch, Library

Welcome to the MyEarthYourEarth club? In light of recent environmental issues, we have decided that our school needs a club that purely focuses on aiding the environment and the species that live on it. There is no need for any experiences, just show up and show your passion! Though this is a new club, we have a set of goals to complete by the end of the year and we wish for you to accompany us until the end of this journey. New members are always welcome.


Ocean Conservation Club

Student contact(s) : Abigail C.

Staff sponsor : Mr. Ng

Meetings : TBA 

The McRoberts Ocean Conservation Club’s goal is to empower students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a way for students to reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote environmental sustainability. It empowers strikers to explore environmental concepts and actions.


Outdoors Club

Student contact(s) : Nikita J. and Bella B.

Staff sponsor : TBA 

Meetings : TBA ( twice a month)

This year, we would love to do a bunch of hikes and nature walks around Richmond and Vancouver. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone inside and outside of the school. We think of this club as a way to meet new people and relax while enjoying the lower mainland’s scenery. We notice that most kids in high school either forget how beautiful the outdoors can be or they don't have the time or chance to see the outdoors. Short or long walks really help clear your mind as well as your body, and a little exercise is always good.


Programming Club

Student contact(s): Charles H

Sponsor teacher: Mr. Beresford

Meetings: Fridays after school in the drafting computer lab (room 121)

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Rainbow Club

Student contact: Charlie P.

Sponsor Teacher: Mme Martin, Ms Wolbers, Mr. Anco-Ascarza

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 204

The Rainbow Club is a safe space for LGBTQ+ members as well as allies. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to make our school a safe and inclusive space for everyone and host fun events along the way.


Rugby Club 

Student Contact(s): Kyra Bates and Sophie Maderia

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Clemente

This club is for people who are interested in playing rugby, but don’t know how to get involved. 


Science Club  

Student Contacts: Austin C, David A, Jeffrey Z

Teacher Sponsor: Ms.Yajima

Meetings: Fridays at Lunch

Why do science? Because it MATTERS. Just like an alloy it includes the best: chemistry, physics, and biology. Behold, a gathering for nerds to be together and ponder upon the scientific method. Ask questions, form hypotheses, and explore something new! Come join us and let's invent some combustible lemons.


The Social Justice Club

Student Contact(s): Madhav C, Rand W, Manjot D, Melissa Peng

Staff Sponsor: Ms Da Costa, Ms Groumoutis

Meetings: Tuesday’s at lunch in room 208.

The Social Justices Club is a group of passionate individuals who aim to improve our world and local community through social awareness events (such as Halloween for Hunger, Anti-Bully Week, Vow of Silence, orange shirt day), fundraisers (rose sales, t-shirt sales, Krispy kreme sales, toy drive, and many more!) for charities and group volunteering projects (Windows of Hope, soup kitchen, BC Children’s Hospital, Me to We, etc).


TikTok Club

Student contacts: Amy G, Natalie C and Rachel S

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

TikTok Club is a fun collaborative place make videos on the new trendy app. This is going to be a safe place for students to create any kind of content they like. Together we can brainstorm original video ideas. We plan on holding some kind of video contest before the break! Look out for that ;)


Snakes and Ladders Club

Student Contacts: Alexandra C, Shelley K, Jessica W

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kamide 

When: Thursdays after school 

The Snakes & Ladders club provides a friendly, fun and relaxing environment which gives you the opportunity to have natural fun without your phones, make new friends and play recycled board games! Come out on Thursdays!


Women in Leadership Club

Student contacts: Victoria Wu and Sayyidah Jaffer

Staff Sponsor: Mrs. Charlton and Ms. da Costa

Meetings: TBA

Women in leadership club aims to inspire and empower young women to take on leadership roles in their communities. We believe that women deserve equal opportunities whether it be in school, extra-curricular activities, or the workplace. Through discussing issues women face, listening to influential speakers at conferences, and planning events within our school, we hope to provide youth with the confidence and skills they need to go on and become future leaders.