Clubs 2021-22

Below please find the clubs for the 2020-21 school year.  This page will be updated as new clubs are started and new information is provided. 





Student Contacts: Benita C., Madhav C.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Debou

Meetings: Every Other Wednesdays at lunch on Zoom

"Student Council is a club run by students for students, composed of an Executive Council with Grade Representatives and the General Council.

The Student Council meets regularly to discuss school policies and plan special events, providing an opportunity for students to gain experience in leadership and in working as part of a team. Student Council members work extra hours on behalf of the students at McRoberts, making sure that their school experience is as interesting and as enjoyable as it can possibly be."

Fill out the jot form below to join our mailing list to receive the Zoom link for the biweekly general meetings, and volunteer and leadership opportunities:



Animal Rescue Club

Student Contact(s): Julie Ibrahimova, Charine Cheung

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Sundell

Meetings: TBA

Led by Grade 12 students Julie Ibrahimova and Charine Cheung, the Animal Rescue Club’s goal is to donate to local animal shelters and non-profit organizations through distinctive fundraising events, such as the popular bubble tea sale.  This year, our plan is to have virtual meetings, bring in guest speakers, and make some donations! With your help, we can achieve our goal and more. We would love for you to join the team!



Art Club

Student Contact(s): Angelina G. and Alex

Staff Sponsor: TBAContact Link: HERE

Meetings: TBA

Art Club is a group of creative (and sometimes chaotic) individuals who get together on a weekly basis to do art, beautify the school, and have fun! This year's funky fresh meetings are currently postponed, but we'll do our best to get them up and running as soon as possible!


Chess Club

Student Contacts: Sherry T, Kevin C

Staff Ssor: Mr. McBurney
Meetings: Fridays after school, exact time and location will depend on REGISTRATION FORM stats

Want to become the next ♛'s Gambit sensation? We might not be able to help you accomplish that over♞, but we will always welcome you to a wonderful and engaging environment where chess enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds can learn, play, and discuss the Royal Game together. Led by one of the top female junior chess players in Canada, Sherry Tian, this clu♝ surely going to be a groundbrea♚ experience for you! This year, due to unique circumstances (hint hint), we will organize all of our lessons, live tournaments, puzzles, quizzes, and contests on our server so it is greatly ♜ommended that you create a account and join the server before you attend our virtual meetings. 

Thanks for considering to join the Chess Club! Feel free to contact us anytime via EMAIL for any questions/comments, and please don't forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM for the latest updates! See you soon, Checkmate.


Chorale Ensemble



Student Contacts: Ella Z, Jasper L, Isabella C, Naomi C

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Matheos 

Hello! We’re Chorale, a growing, extracurricular vocal group dedicated to singing, improving our skills, and having fun! We believe that if you have a voice, you should share it with others! 

If you enjoy singing, you’ll find the best synergy and friends in our club. If you plan to join, make sure you’re open to all genres as we’ll be trying out a variety of songs! Our goal is to help others improve with their singing while having the best experience possible. This year, we’re going to share our vocals and pieces through our Instagram as an alternative to live performances. We’re extremely excited to hear your voices! 

If you have any questions, you can contact one of our Leadership Team members through our email:



The Coin Club

Contact person: Avery B

Sponsor teacher: Mr Jonathan Malchy

Contact Link: HERE

Meeting time and locations: TBA

This club is where people can collect and/or exchange coins/bills from other countries and territories together. There will be rules and agreements because we are dealing with objects with actual monetary value. We want people to explore different views of other countries and territories, and also improve on their social studies skills(Geography,  History, etc.)The Coins also engages in cross-cultural events. We support understanding and appreciating about culture and history of the world.



Debate Club

Student Contact: Grace J

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: TBA

Meetings: TBA

The debate club is a club dedicated to both politics and public speaking. If you want to learn how to debate or plainly just want to improve your argumentative and speaking skills, come to our meetings!


Entrepreneurship Club

Student Contact(s): Iris G.

Staff Sponsor: Mme. Rost-Komiya

Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in Room 209

In this club, we cover a variety of business topics such as economics, market, entrepreneurship, and among many others.  Members of the club will engage in interactive business related activies to reinforce and strengthen their knowledge in the world of business



Engineering Club

Student Contact: Andrew M, Jeanette G, Sergio M

Staff Sponsor: Mr. S. Looney


Instagram: @hms_engineering

Meetings: Tuesdays/Wednesdays after school

Does building crazy contraptions sound cool to you? Maybe launching rockets or becoming robotic overlords? Well, the Engineering club is the perfect place for you! You can work with your fellow students on projects all year round. We provide for all your tool and equipment needs. No previous knowledge is required, just an incentive to build and create. **Although the club has started, new members are still always welcome! Stay safe and see you soon strikers!



First Responders

Student Contact(s): Cassie H

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Stone-Charlton

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at lunch in the Library Seminar Room

All First Responders have an interest in health care and have completed the Red Cross First Responder with CPR "Health Care Professional" course.  The First Responders have taken the role of providing first aid to students in the school. Students with an interest in the health sciences are encouraged to come to a meeting to learn more about this program and to help volunteer in the community.


Fitness Club



Sponsors: Mr.Ng and Ms.Chen

Contact information:

The Fitness Club allows students to take care of their physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being. The Fitness Club is not only about working out, it’s also about building a healthy lifestyle (ex: eating healthier). This club allows students to work at their own pace and their own skill level, in a judgement-free zone. Are you interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and improving your overall well being? Come join the Fitness Club!

Sign up using:



Future Healthcare Professionals Club

Student Contact(s): Dichelle C.

Contact Link: HERE

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Tsang

Meetings: TBA

Future Healthcare Professionals Club is dedicated to supporting students who are interested in the healthcare field. The club aims to prepare and empower members in pursuit of their future professional career. Members are provided with opportunities to learn about different healthcare careers, such as dietitians, occupational therapist, and pharmacist, as well as the healthcare industry as a whole. The club promotes awareness of health-related issues and opportunities in volunteer works. Through Future Healthcare Professionals Club, students can meet like-minded individuals while working towards the highly competitive career goals.  



Green Team

Student Contacts: Madhav C.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Ng

Meetings: TBA

The Green Team is a group of individuals who aim to motivate and educate our school and students to go green! We have lots of cool ideas ready to be implemented this year, for example, weekly park cleanups, educational videos on recycling, and fundraisers for a school garden, and are open to any other ideas anyone has.

If you are interested in joining sign up with the google form link:

We also have Executive applications open until November 10th! If you are interested in applying for an executive position use the google form below:

Questions? Email:


Hughmanitarians of McRoberts

Student Contact: Naomi M, Renee L, Julie I, Tara Y, Ysabelle V, Benita C

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Meetings: TBA

The Hughmanitarians of McRoberts promote Striker welfare and community. With our events, we aim to help Strikers help other Strikers and develop a habit of giving!



Interact Club

Student Contact: Benita C, Fifi Z

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Chan

Interact Club is a club where you can learn valuable leadership and soft skills while making a positive difference in the world! Raise your confidence as a leader as well as ‘interact’ with like-minded youth in the Lower Mainland. We are constantly organizing projects to give back to our local and international community, and we need your input! Come join us at our monthly meetings or feel free to contact one of the student contacts for further information.



Investment Club

Student Contact(s): Kevin C

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Howlett


When students hear the phrase “investment club,” many are led to believe that we are finance nerds who discuss nothing more than stocks and bonds. That, I can assure you, is not the complete image. Our club’s title does not limit ourselves to a pure discussion of financial matters, though it’s preeminent, instead it will avail to us the essential logical and pragmatic reasoning in our decision making. If you guys have any sort of interest in making yourself more efficient logically, we welcome you to join our meetings.


Sign up to join using this Google Form:



Literature Club

Student contact(s): Billy D, Caitlyn L, Clara X

Contact Link: HERE

Sponsor teacher: Mme. Martin

When: every other Friday at lunch in room 204

Do you have a dying passion for writing? The Literature Club could be just what you’re looking for. In this club, members will have the opportunity to hone their writing skills, tackling a variety of prompts each month and producing a work with feedback from other fellow members. Come by each month to listen to these students’ amazing stories!



Math Circle

Student Contact: Justin H.

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Truong

The McRoberts Math Circle allows students to enhance and strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills through mathematics. For many decades and especially now, the ability to think critically is a crucial and indispensable skill that will aid you throughout the rest of your life.

Throughout the year, an emphasis will be placed on subjects that are not commonly taught in schools, which includes but is not limited to: Combinatorics, Number Theory, Geometry, and Algebra. Biweekly lessons will be held on different topics listed above and will also follow with a problem session for students to collaborate on questions from the problem set.

If you are interested in partaking in some math contests or just seeking to work on your math skills this year, the Math Circle is the perfect club for you to practice and improve!
Here is an interest form to fill out:


Mental Health and Wellness Club


Please click this link to sign up: 


Student Contacts: Abigail C., Tara Y.

Contact Link: HERE

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Jones

Meetings: TBA

As students, many of us push aside our mental well-being to focus on our studies; however, the Mental Health & Wellness club encourages you to prioritize yourself! If you’re a student who is easily stressed, overwhelmed, or simply someone who values their mental state, we encourage you to join! As a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter with various helpful resources, monthly check-ins and stress-relieving activities in hopes that it will help you navigate your high school journey with clarity of mind and ease.



Model UN

Student Contact: Billy D

Meetings: TBA

Staff Sponsor: Mme Rost-Komiya

The Model United Nations club allows students to enhance their skills in debate and diplomacy by role-playing delegates to the United Nations (UN) and simulating UN committee. Through the club, students will also have the opportunity to apply their skills at local weekend Model UN conferences attended by students from across the country and around the world. Not only do conferences allow students to showcase their skills on a larger stage but they will also have the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded students and form meaningful life-long friendships.   


Multicultural Club

Student contact(s): Tara Y, Abigail C.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Meetings: TBA

If you’re interested in celebrating and expanding your knowledge on various cultures around the world, then Multicultural Club is for you! This club focuses on organizing fundraisers to raise money for global issues, hosting trivia days to educate our members and brainstorming unique ways to encourage others to approach diversity with inclusiveness and kindness. Our most recent and ongoing project to do so is a map that represents the multiculturalism of our Strikers in hopes that it will display the value of diversity and how it can bring us together as a community.


News Club

Co-directors: Dihyah and LingLing

Club Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Meetings: Tuesdays 11:45am (lunch)  @Library seminar room

The Strikers News club is a club where we come together to find, report, edit and broadcast news to our fellow classmates! Our club is loosely based on real life news broadcasting stations- where everyone has a role to play and a job to do. Join the Strikers News club and together we will learn how news stations work! Ps- If everything goes well and enough people join, we won’t just be broadcasting news: We’re talking game shows, guest appearances and more! Strikers News broadcasted on the lobby TV and posted on the McRoberts website every other monday.



Rainbow Club

Student contact: Charlie P.

Contact Link: HERE

Sponsor Teacher: Mme Martin, Ms Wolbers

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 204

The Rainbow Club is a safe space for LGBTQ+ members as well as allies. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to make our school a safe and inclusive space for everyone and host fun events along the way.



Social Justice Club

Student Contact(s): Madhav C, Rand W, Manjot D, Melissa Peng

Contact Link: HERE

Staff Sponsor: Mme. Groumoutis and Ms. Da Costa

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 208 or on Zoom.

The Social Justice Club is a group of passionate individuals who aim to improve our world and local community through social awareness events (such as Halloween for Hunger, Anti-Bully Week, Vow of Silence, orange shirt day), fundraisers (rose sales, t-shirt sales, Krispy Kreme sales, toy drive, and many more!) for charities and group volunteering projects (Windows of Hope, soup kitchen, BC Children’s Hospital, Me to We, etc).

If you are interested in joining sign up with the google form link:

We also have Executive applications open until November 10th! If you are interested in applying use the google form below:

Questions? Email