Post Secondary and Scholarships

Transcript Verification Report  

Grade 12s will check their Transcript Verification Report (TVR) carefully to be sure they have all the courses they need to
graduate including Graduation Transitions, and to confirm their achievement in each course.  TVRs are distributed in the fall
and spring.  Students must also meet all the prerequisite course requirements of the post-secondary pathway they are
interested in (e.g. sciences at UBC, business at SFU, broadcasting at BCIT, etc.).


Post Secondary Institutions Selections Form  

The Post Secondary Institutions (PSI) selections form will be completed to allow the BC Ministry of Education to send school marks to the post secondary institutions grads choose.  The PSI selections form will be completed online beginning in October by going to the Ministry's Student Secure Web.


Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships
• Application forms for University Entrance Scholarships and District Scholarships are available from the Counselling Centre. 
  The deadline for some scholarships can be as early as the fall so it is important to watch for notices about the
  availability of forms and closing dates.  Check the Career Centre website regularly for information.

• McRoberts Bursaries and Scholarships are donated by business and professional organizations, service clubs, individuals
  in the community and Parent Advisory Councils.  Students must complete at least six McRoberts courses in their

  grade 12 year and submit a school scholarship application to be eligible for the school's scholarship program.  The McRoberts
  Scholarship Committee determines recipients using specific qualifying criteria or by grade point accumulation.

• Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships are awarded to B.C. students in Grades 10-12 who have the highest
   provincial exam scores.  Students can receive a $1000 voucher (given to 5000 students) or a $2500 voucher
  (given to 20 students) to use towards their post-secondary tuition.  For more details, go to the BC Ministry of Education



For more information about post secondary, parents and students are encouraged to:

   •  see their counsellor and/or Ms. Millar, Career Information Advisor
   •  attend Grade 12 Post Secondary Meeting, September 21 at 3:15 PM (for students)
      - see below for copy of handout
   •  attend Grade 12 Parent Information Night, September 21 at 6:00 PM (for parents)
   •  attend Canadian Universities Event at McMath, September 26 at 6:30 PM
   •  attend Post Secondary Day, November 8 at 2:30 PM