Dinner Dance: Table Groupings


This simple form will be used for students to submit table groupings for the upcoming Dinner Dance.  Please note that only students who have purchased tickets can attend this event.  If you are unsure if you have or have not paid, please see Ms. Audet as soon as possible.


The maximum number of people per table is 8 (eight). 


In the space below, please list the names of students in your group (maximum of 8).  If you do not have a group of eight, please feel free to submit smaller groups.  Partial tables (less than eight) may be matched with other partial tables (or individuals).   


All students, even those willing to sit at any table, need to have their names submitted on a form.  If you are not on a form, our assumption will be that will not be attending this event. 


Please Note:  Make sure you speak to all people in your table group prior to submitting this form.  



This form is due on FRIDAY June 15th at 3pm.