Grad Gown and Valedictory Write Up 2020

To: Grade 12 Students and Parents/Guardians of Grade 12 Students


In preparation for our Valedictory Ceremony, there are two things we need from the students who will be crossing the stage.  One, your Grad Gown Measurements (aka, your height in feet and inches) and two, the words that will be shared about you when your cross the stage.  We would encourage parents and student to discuss who will submit this (sometimes we get more than one and it becomes confusing).


This form must be completed and submitted by Monday April 20th, 2020.  


Gown Sizing

Each student participating in the Valedictory Ceremony will receive a cap and gown that each will keep.  These will be distributed during the Valedictory Rehearsal on June 6th.  Though months away, orders need to go in soon (thus the importance of the deadline).  For gown sizing, we simply need your height to determine you gown sizing.  If you are not positive about your height in Imperial measure (sorry, this is what we are asked to send in), there is a height chart in Mr. Kamide's office.


Valedictory Write Up

As a part of the Valedictory Ceremony (to be held at the Chan Centre), a short (40 Word Maximum) passage will be read about each student as they cross the stage.  Each student will be responsible for submitting their own write up (though students may choose to have others - parents, siblings, friends) provide the information to be submitted.  PLEASE WRITE IN THIRD PERSON.

Below are a few examples.

  • Mary Smith is a sports enthusiast. She played senior volleyball and loves skiing and basketball. In September, Mary will be going to Langara to study nursing. Mary would like to thank her parents for all their endless support.


  • Steve Chan loves skiing, hiking, camping and rock climbing. He plans to backpack through Europe next year, and then pursue a career in outdoor adventure tourism. The highlight of his time at McRoberts was the trip to Japan.


  • Ryan Jones enjoys helping people in the community and loved visiting elementary schools with the Human Services class.  Ryan plans to study Science and hopes eventually to become a doctor.


We request that you keep your submissions to no more than 40 words (Please count your words...if it is too long, it will be reduced).