Vision, Mission & Philosophy


The McRoberts Library Learning Commons will be a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive learning space that provides diverse, relevant resources and learning opportunities for our community.



Our mission as Teacher Librarians is to support all members of the school community through shared expertise rooted in a social justice framework. We are committed to engaging in life-long learning and advocacy. We strive to model professional, collegial behaviours and to bring joy into literacy and learning.



  • We believe that the SLLC is a unique and vital part of our learning community.
  • We believe that the SLLC needs to be a safe space for all community members.
  • We believe in open access to the library spaces and resources.


  • We believe in justice.
  • We believe in the power of community.
  • We believe that Teacher Librarians hold important roles as advocates.
  • We believe in centering the First People’s Principles of Learning in our work.
  • We believe in equity, inclusion, and diversity in our practices and our resources.


  • We believe in learning.
  • We believe that the focus of teaching is on the learner.
  • We believe that all literacies are central to personal and academic competency.
  • We believe in supporting the core competencies of learners.


  • We believe in collaboration.
  • We believe in collegiality and professionalism.
  • We believe in practicing and modeling a growth mindset.


  • We believe in the joy of reading and learning.