COVID Protocols

COVID Protocols ***new information as of January 10


For your safety: 

  • Please wear a mask that is snug fitting and fully covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entry to the LLC.
  • Please move a token from the OUT box to the IN box upon entering. This helps us to monitor capacity. Our current maximum capacity is 50. If the OUT box is empty, we are at capacity and ask that you try again another time.
  • If visiting without a class, please SIGN IN using either the posted QR code or the sign-in binder.
  • Please leave the furniture where it is. We have arranged chairs to ensure that students are forward facing as much as possible to try and reduce virus transmission. 
  • If you are hungry, please exit the LLC to eat and return when you are finished.
  • Please move a token from the IN box to the OUT box as you leave the LLC.
  • Sanitize your hands again on your way out.