Grad Numeracy Assessment Update - Grade 11's to Write This Year

Grad Numeracy Assessment-Update

The Grad Numeracy Assessment is a new provincial assessment and a graduation requirement for students on the 2018 Grad Program. All students, with the exception of current grade 12’s, are now on the 2018 Grad Program. The Numeracy Assessment must be written prior to graduation and the first opportunity for our students to write the assessment will be this June. 

The Numeracy Assessment is not tied to a particular course, like the previous Math 10 Provincial Exam and it is not intended to be a direct replacement for that exam. It is intended to evaluate a student’s numeracy skills developed over the course of their education. The assessment will be measured using a proficiency scale not letter grades or a percentile ranking (scale 1 to scale 4). A student need only achieve a proficiency scale of 1 to meet the graduation requirement and there is no requirement to improve the proficiency scale in order to meet graduation standards.


At McRoberts our current Grade 11 students will write the Grad Numeracy Assessment this June, between the 22nd and 27th. The Ministry of Education has posted a practice assessment so that student’s may review the assessment and become familiar with its components and expectations. We will incorporate the feedback provided from the pilot schools, which implemented the assessment this past January, in our student supports planned for this year. Please use the lkinks belwo to access the practice assessment and to find additional information from the Ministry of Education web site. If you have any questions please contact the school.

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